What will be the “show of the summer”?

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Why It Will Win:

I’ll be honest; I’m not sure Succession belongs on this list quite yet, but my love for it forced me to put it on the list. The first season started to build a loyal following due to its myriad of captivating characters, and the show’s audience has surely increased since season’s end.  With a season under their belts, I expect the show’s writers to come out firing.

Why It Won’t:

It’s pretty simple. Since there’s only been one season, the show hasn’t had the time to build the same following as some of the other contenders.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Why It Will Win:

Handmaid’s has used its two seasons to garner a wide amount of praise and attention. Although it would have likely been popular a decade ago as well, the TV show has benefitted from the current social and political climate. Several parallels have been drawn between the policies of the show’s “Gilead” and certain things going on in the real world. The conversation surrounding this has definitely taken the show’s profile to a whole new level.

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Why It Won’t:

Although Hulu has plenty of subscribers (28 million in US), it doesn’t quite compare to Netflix’s 60 million US subscribers. The lower subscriber base inherently gives Netflix shows a higher “popularity” potential. I think the quality of the show itself is definitely “show of the summer” worthy, but will the platform provide it enough exposure?