HBO’s Chernobyl becomes IMDB’s top rated show ever


HBO’s Chernobyl is currently the highest rated show ever on IMDB. How much does this matter?

HBO’s Chernobyl debuted on May 6, and now has one episode remaining in the five-episode miniseries (the finale airs on June 3). Although I haven’t watched it yet, my perception is that it’s been received well thus far. Looking at IMDB’s highest rated shows of all time (generated via fan voting), however, the reception appears to be even better than I realized.

With a rating of 9.6, Chernobyl is currently IMDB’s top rated show of all time, according to a Forbes report. Here are IMDB’s full rankings and their respective ratings. Forbes recorded the number of total votes for each of the top 10 as of May 26.

Here are the top 10:

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1. Chernobyl – 9.6 – 52,000 votes

2. Planet Earth II – 9.5 – 71,000

3. Band of Brothers – 9.4 – 317,000

4. Planet Earth – 9.4 – 147,000

5. Breaking Bad – 9.4 – 1,200,000

6. Game of Thrones – 9.4 – 1,500,000

7. The Wire – 9.3 – 244,000

8. Our Planet – 9.3 – 10,000

9. Cosmos – 9.2 – 95,000

10. Blue Planet II – 9.2 – 19,000

IMDB’s fan voting system is an imperfect way to evaluate a show, and since the rating is an average score, a series like Chernobyl can rise to the top despite only a moderate number of total votes. The ratings also favor miniseries with limited numbers of episodes (e.g. Band Of Brothers, Planet Earth, Our Planet). If a show’s small sample size of episodes are solid, this can be enough to shoot it high into the rankings.

Although it’s obviously an exaggeration to say that Chernobyl is the best show of all time, its IMDB rating shouldn’t be looked at as meaningless either. At minimum, the rating suggests it’s a show that HBO subscribers should be checking out at some point. And it’s not as if IMDB is the only place where one can find positive feedback regarding the show; it currently has a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 83% on Metacritic.

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Overall, there’s plenty of good television to choose from, but Chernobyl certainly appears to be worth the watch. There are only five episodes in total, and although each are 70 minutes, this isn’t a huge time commitment in the grand scheme of things. Will you be watching?

(Source: Forbes)