Dead to Me: What we want to see if there’s a second season

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Dead to Me has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows in just a few weeks. Here’s what we want to see happen if the “traumedy” gets a season 2. Warning: Major spoilers ahead

Part comedy, part drama, part psychological thriller, Dead to Me ended its 10-episode run with quite a few massive revelations and cliffhangers, so there will be plenty to unpack if the show gets renewed. Here are the storylines we want to see explored in season two.

UPDATE: Netflix has renewed Dead to Me for a second season, consisting of ten episodes, set to premiere in 2020.

The evolution of Jen & Judy’s relationship

Obviously, the biggest question mark going into season two is the status of Jen and Judy’s relationship. After becoming best friends and roommates, sisters even, their relationship takes an inevitable nosedive when Judy finally comes clean about everything.

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The final episode finds Jen making every effort to cut her Judy out of her and her sons’ lives, until she realizes that Judy, albeit rather misguidedly, has been doing everything in her power to make things right, and even wanted to stop the night of the accident and help Ted.

It was Judy’s emotionally and psychologically abusive ex-fiancé Steve, in the passenger seat, who compelled her to drive off. Of course, Steve doesn’t admit that to Jen, but knowing Judy as well as she does, Jen is able to read between the lines.

Speaking of Steve, after Judy outs him to the police as a money launderer, prompting an investigation and ruining his professional life, Steve is hellbent on revenge, but he’s stopped dead in his tracks, literally.

The last thing we see prior before his dead body floating in Jen’s pool is Jen pointing a gun at him when he refuses to leave her property. Then, Jen asks Judy, who’s just survived a suicide attempt, to come home, presumably so Judy can help her dispose of the body.

Will Judy help? Will she be angry? Will she be relieved? Was Jen even the shooter?

And, most importantly, can Jen and Judy repair their friendship? Based on what Dead to Me creator Liz Feldman recently told The Hollywood Reporter, the answer seems to be yes.

"“There’s an evening of the score and there’s a rebalancing that will take place and almost, in some ways, a role reversal,” she said."

Well, that definitely points to Jen being the killer or at least partially responsible for his death. Will Jen now be the one trying to make amends, just as Judy tried to do after killing Jen’s husband?

The answer once again seems to be yes, based on what Feldman said in a recent interview with Uproxx.

"They’re forced together to keep this secret, if you will, and in doing so, will be confronted with having to forgive each other."