Good Omens season 1, episode 2 recap: The Book


The hellhound has been set loose, the anti-Christ is coming into his power, and the four horsemen of the apocalypse are being summoned, so everything is going according to the divine plan on Good Omens.

The Summoner, a delivery man for the International Express Company, is sent to gather the four horsemen for Good Omens. The first package he delivers is to War (Mireille Enos, who is marvelous as always) as she attends the signing of a peace treaty in No Man’s Land, North Africa. Before the treaty can be signed, though, tensions break out again over who is the first to sign. War leaves the melee behind when she receives her package, the sword of the apocalypse.

Back in Lancashire, England, the last witch burning takes place in 1656. A prophetic witch named Agnes Nutter (Josie Lawrence) is taken to the stake by Witchfinder Major Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer (Jack Whitehall). She goes to the stake willingly but takes out the townspeople and Witchfinder Major when the gunpowder and roofing nails she had concealed in her petticoats explodes in the fire. She left behind a manuscript of prophesies to be published after her death, unique for all of them being 100% accurate. Agnes’ modern descendants inherited the only surviving copy, the task of interpreting the prophesies, finding the anti-Christ, and saving the world left to her great-great-great-great-great granddaughter Anathema Device. She rents a cottage in Tadfield and sets to using her witchcraft to locate the anti-Christ.

Meanwhile, Pulsifer’s 5 times great grandson Newton (Jack Whitehall) is growing up in Surrey, England. He’s terrible with computers and terribly unlucky, which makes it hard for him to hold down a job as an adult. After being fired from his latest job and looking for something to fill his time, Newton runs into raving Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell (Michael McKean) and decides to join his Witchfinder Army of one.

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Crowley and Aziraphale sets out to investigate the whereabouts of the anti-Christ by returning to the convent where the babies were switched. The convent has been replaced with a paintball course where Newton’s former co-workers are currently taking part in a team building outing. Crowley turns all the paintball guns into real guns, allowing the staff to take our their aggressions while providing them with miraculous near misses. Not very evil, but definitely troublesome. Angels are for the most part opposed to a gun, unless they’re in the “right hands,” in which case they “give weight to a moral argument.” Crowley finds this stance ironic and hilarious, but the humor seems somewhat lost on Aziraphale. It’s interesting that the supposedly evil one of the pair seems to have the most moral perspective. Ultimately, their visit proves unfruitful.

Anathema meets Adam and his friends while they play British Inquisition after they hear rumors that a witch has moved into the neighborhood. She’s having trouble finding the anti-Christ and has no idea she’s just met him. Later, Crowley and Aziraphale hit Anathema with their car as she rides her bike home late at night. They heal her wounds, fix her bike, and give her a ride home, but she accidentally leaves her book of prophesies in the back seat.

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Without any other ideas, Crowley and Aziraphale decide to send their human agents out to locate the anti-Christ. Aziraphale discovers the book as Crowley drops him at home. Knowing it’s significance and rarity, he rushes off with it to immediately read it. The first prophesy he reads is about him reading the book. The book provides the clues that leads him to find the anti-Christ. The question now is what to do with the information.

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