Big Little Lies season 2 episode 2 recap: Tell-tale hearts


The second episode of Big Little Lies’ sophomore season proved to be much juicier than its premiere.

I’m just going to say it: this episode of Big Little Lies was one of the best, if not the best, of the series.

Last week’s premiere was so different from season 1, it made me (and many others) wonder if a second season was needed. But “Tell-Tale Hearts” validates why a second season was necessary after the show seemingly wrapped the first season up nicely.

There is no weak character or weak storyline. Each of the five female leads has meaty material to work with this season.

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Apparently, little Chloe broke from her electronic trance long enough to overhear Madeline talking about who Ziggy’s birth father is and then proceeded to tell Ziggy, Max, and Josh. Ed’s pretty pissed Madeline kept it from him. But he’s absolutely beside himself when Abigail (who just moved back) mistakenly reveals her mother’s affair with Joseph. It’s not surprising that he found out, but I was shocked that he left her. I’m mad at her for ruining them, but I also was rooting for them to find their way.


The whole episode began with Celeste driving off the road and Madeline having to pick her up. Apparently, she took an Ambien and woke up in her car. But flashbacks show she was having sex with someone with a huge back tattoo in her car. Was that Perry (I don’t think so) or was this some guy she picked up in her robe and Ugg boots? She’s struggling with nightmares, guilt, and grief – plus, raising two boys, one of which could be violent like his father.

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And not surprisingly, Mary Louise is up her ass asking a ton of questions. She’s on to her and knows something isn’t right. One thing I noticed was when Celeste was touching her bruise on her wrist, maybe from the accident, she was almost touching it lovingly, as it reminded her of Perry. The flashes of him beating the piss out of her though was tough enough to make me uncomfortable and hopefully knock those loving thoughts out of Celeste’s mind.

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Just when things seem to be getting more normal for Jane (her peculiar coworker even asked her out on a warm-up date), she finds out Ziggy knows that Perry was his father and that Max and Josh are his half-brothers. Jane also has to tell him that his birth father “salted” (assaulted) his mother. I was shocked that she told him that part of the story at such a young age, but I shouldn’t be. She told Ziggy at six-years-old how babies were made (last season).

But I loved that at the end of the episode, Celeste brought her boys over to spend time with Jane and Ziggy, so we can assume that they will be able to move forward together.

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Not surprising, Gordon is arrested for fraud. Last week, he was sitting among his train sets, drinking by himself, looking miserable. I knew something was making him depressed, and it was losing all their money, including Renata’s hard-earned stash.

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Laura Derm is simply amazing when the FBI shows up to take Gordon away in handcuffs. And throughout the rest of the episode, she is the spirit animal of every woman who has ever been screwed over by their husband’s bad choices. I’m looking at you, Teresa Guidice. My favorite scene was her kicking him out of her car on the side of the high way. I just wish she didn’t go back for him.

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I’m surprised Bonnie’s relationship with her mom, Elizabeth, is so tense. Bonnie is such a kind and nurturing person, and her mom does not give me that vibe. When Skye innocently questions her about getting a divorce from her dad, she immediately snaps out of her funk. But her mystic mom is not making her feel better. Even her mom’s feather and crystal can’t cure Bonnie’s guilt.

And Mary Louise isn’t the only one who isn’t buying the Monterey 5’s story about what happened the night of the gala. Elizabeth has pinpointed the gala as the time Bonnie’s light went dark. What’s more troubling, is that Elizabeth apparently gets visions and keeps getting them of her daughter drowning.

Is this how this season might end, with another death? I hope not.

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