Pose season 2, episode 2 recap: Worth It


Elektra starts her own house in this episode of Pose and finally has the cash to back it.

Pose continues to tell the story of a community that slowly began to garner attention as we stepped out of the 80s and into a whole new decade of change. Speaking of change, Elektra is officially done with House Evangelista and has decided to start her own house one again–House Wintour. But where exactly is her cash flow coming from? Well, she’s taken on a job as a dominatrix.

Meanwhile, Ricky returns from tour and very quickly, things go from romantic to dramatic between him and Damon. You see, during his time away on tour, Ricky was unfaithful.

When this fact comes out, Damon is quick to reevaluate not only their relationship but life in general. Personally, I think Damon wanted out of the relationship and was anxiously waiting for the opportunity.

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And while Damon tries to figure out his love life, Blanca is looking ahead to bigger and better things, like opening her very own nail shop. Thanks to a woman named Ms. Norman, played by the magnificent Patti LuPone, she’s given the opportunity she’s been waiting for. But, of course, as soon as it becomes known to Ms. Normal that Blanca is a transgender, she decides to shut down the store. Silly Blanca, a verbal agreement is never enough!

At first, Blanca is disheartened and loses her motivation to fight but thanks to Pray Tell things change very rapidly. Blanca decides to face her struggles head on and fight Ms. Normal for the shop along with telling her kids that she has been diagnosed with AIDs. She can’t hide anymore, and she wants to do what she can to survive and set a good example, starting with taking her medication.

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And that’s not all from this episode of Pose. Can we talk about the romance brewing between Papi and Angel? Something is definitely going on there and I’m here for it. Thoughts on this, anyone?

Pose airs every Tuesday at 10 PM on FX!