Pose season 2, episode 3 recap: Butterfly/Cocoon


Pose gets a bit dramatic this week as Elektra finds herself in a less than ideal situation.

Pose ups the ante this week as things get exciting and scary all at the same time. Let’s start things off by talking about Elektra this week. As we all know, she’s started her own House again and has been doing surprisingly well despite her attitude and sass. But to fund the House, she is still working as a dominatrix which, unfortunately, lands her in some deep trouble.

A client comes in and demands to be tied up while on drugs, and for the few moments that Elektra stepped out, she came back to find the man had choked on his own vomit and died.

Despite having beef 95% of the time, Elektra ran to Blanca in this time of need to seek help. Blanca tells her to call the police but Elektra isn’t as eager to do so. Instead, they go to Candy who suggests not calling the police because it will be turned around on Elektra.

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It’s just how the system works for people like them, and coming clean and being honest has never worked, and Candy knows this from personal experience. And because of that, she knows a woman that is an expert at disposing and taking care of bodies. Long Pose story short, Candy, Elektra, and the woman grab the dead body, stuff it in a suitcase and use a multitude of supplies to keep the smell tucked away. You would think that they’d just find another way to get rid of the body, but instead, they put it in Elektra’s closet.

Straying away from the morbid nature of this Pose episode, we shall now talk about our dear Angel, who hits the jackpot, so to speak. After losing out during the Fresh Faces contest, she gets a call back to the Ford office and learns that there is interest in having her be the face of Wet ‘N Wild, a cosmetics company.

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And just like that, Angel was thrust into the world of photo shoots as she began her climb to the top. This comes with a price, however, like missing out on her first official date with Papi. He understands completely why this had to happen, but it is not going to stop him from showing her that he is the real deal and that the attention she’s suddenly getting isn’t the end all, be all.

But hey, how exciting was it to see her face in the Wet ‘N Wild section of Duane Reade?!

See you all in two weeks when Pose returns for an all-new episode on FX at 10 PM EST!