Yellowstone season 2, episode 2 recap: ‘New Beginnings’

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Kayce (R-Luke Grimes) and Rip (L-Cole Hauser) come to blows on Yellowstone season 2 episode “New Beginnings” airing on Wednesday, June 26 at 10 p.m., ET/PT on Paramount Network.

At the main house, John has Kayce sign some paperwork and gives him Lee’s badge. He wants Kayce to officially take over Lee’s role on the ranch. John tells Kayce that when Lee ran Yellowstone he was honest and fair. He needs the same from Kayce. But Kayce can’t be that way with others until he’s honest with himself about what happened with Monica and Tate. Kayce confesses that he misses them.

Rip approaches the bunk house, throws open the doors, and tosses a saddle at Walker. Kayce stops things from going further and tells Rip to go see his father.

At the house, John tells Rip that in many ways he’s the only person he can trust because he won’t benefit when John’s gone. Rip professes his loyalty and John tells him he has a job for him that’ll be the hardest thing Rip’s ever tackled. He needs Kayce to learn how to run Yellowstone and he can’t do it if he’s living at the bunk house. So, Rip has to give up his house to Kayce and move into the bunk house with the cowboys.

In the bunk house, the ranch hands are hanging out when Rip enters. He drops his stuff and grabs a beer. The men are confused. Rip breaks the ice and everyone settles down except for Walker and Cowboy who are hanging out separately. Walker comments that he’s just in another prison at Yellowstone.

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The next morning, the ranch hands look to Rip to lead them but he tells them it’s not up to him. John gives Kayce a few words of instruction and then Kayce approaches the workers. He mounts his horse and tells them his plan to wrangle the cows into a field. Rip and Lloyd are at the back of the formation — a demotion. Walker gloats a little about Rip’s changed fortunes.

As they ride, Rip takes off after Walker, claiming he’s going to give him a hand. Rip eventually catches Walker and shoves him off his horse. While Walker’s on the ground, Rip rounds on him and runs his horse at him. It looks like his intention is to kill him, but before he can get to Walker, Kayce intervenes.

When everyone gets back to the ranch, Rip gets off his horse and approaches Kayce. He and Kayce fight as the ranch hands and John look on. Rip seems to have the upper hand until Rip encourages Kayce to hit him. Kayce punches Rip hard enough for him to go down. Afterwards, Kayce tells the cowboys that there’s no fighting at Yellowstone. If they want to fight, they’ll have to take him on.

Rip approaches John after everyone’s cleared out. John thanks him. He asks him to try to get along with Kayce because Kayce needs to depend on Rip. Rip counters that he hopes John can really depend on Kayce because he hasn’t seen proof that he can. Maybe John sees something he doesn’t. John says Kayce’s his son. Rip points out that Jamie’s his son too and walks away.