Wrong Man: Starz renews series for season 2 after Flowers case changes


Starz series Wrong Man is returning, shortly after one of the men profiled had his conviction overturned!

Filmmaker Joe Berlinger has an interesting portfolio of true crime movies, and not just because they’re well made. Twice in his career, cases that he’s profiled have been re-examined. First, it was the West Memphis 3, covered in his compelling Paradise Lost trilogy (the 3 were eventually freed!). Now it’s Curtis Flowers, who was profiled in 2 episodes of the Starz series Wrong Man.
Shortly after Flower’s conviction was overturned, a 2nd season of the series was announced! It is not yet known if Flowers will receive a new trial or be released, but the case definitely merits attention.

Joe Berlinger’s impact

Starz is perhaps wise to come back for a second season, as not every filmmaker has such power to change lives and actually challenge the court system! Chances are you’ve heard Joe Berlinger’s name lately for another reason, too. He’s made a splash over at Netflix with 2 projects related to serial killer Ted Bundy — both which received extensive press attention. There’s the film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, starring Zac Efron as Bundy, as well as a documentary series on the madman, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.

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More from News

Season 2 of Wrong Man promises a return to what made the first season work. According to Deadline, the same experts will be consulted, including civil rights attorney Ron Kuby, Homicide detective Ira Todd, retired NCIS investigator Joe Kennedy and the former prosecutor Sue-Ann Robinson. Like season 1, Wrong Man‘s second run will still devote 2 episodes each to three separate cases of people who may have been wrongfully convicted. These include Kenneth Clair of Santa Ana, California, who was convicted with no forensic witness and an eyewitness who claimed a white man committed the murder. There will also be two women’s cases profiled this time around: Patricia Rorrer and Vonda Smith.

The Curtis Flowers case

Curtis Flower’s case is unique. He has been tried 6 times for the 1996 murders of four people inside a furniture store. The Supreme Court recently found that prosecutor Doug Evans — who’s relentlessly pursued a conviction of Flowers — deliberately “rid the jury of black individuals,” which is said to have biased the trial against Mr. Flowers. Any time there’s a bias in a case, be it racial or otherwise, it merits further investigation, if not exoneration.

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In addition to that, Wrong Man actually looked at other possible suspects for the killings, and strongly hinted that these other leads were not properly investigated. In fact, one possible suspect (according to Wrong Man) is Flowers’ uncle, Doyle Simpson — which demonstrates that the series was itself not being racially biased in examining the case!  Another question:  Will Doug Evans still be in charge if there’s a new trial?

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