Big Little Lies season 2, episode 6 recap: The Bad Mother

With only one episode left of a mediocre season of Big Little Lies, are we gearing up for some fireworks?

If there is nothing else you gained from the penultimate episode of Big Little Lies, “The Bad Mother,” I hope you saw just how badly women who have suffered from abuse are treated at times.

Every bit of Celeste’s custody hearing was hard to watch, especially how Mary Louise’s lawyer treated Celeste. He was especially nasty, seemed to scold Celeste for her promiscuity, and question why she never went to the police. He seemed unphased by the fact that her husband abused her.

In fact, Mary Louise has been quite busy since she arrived in Monterey.

Not only did she hire a private investigator to have Celeste followed, but she also has been watching footage of her interviews with the police after Perry’s death. I guess it’s nice to be friends with Detective Quinlan.

It’s devastating to watch Celeste have to explain her actions as her words are used against her.


So, when she speaks up at the end asking to put Mary Louise on the stand — which, why wasn’t that thought of sooner – I couldn’t help but cheer. I still believe it’s going to come out that she was abusive to Perry and that maybe she’s responsible for Perry’s father’s “accident.” I guess we’ll see how the finale pans out next week.

Let’s see what the other Monterey ladies were up this week.


Speaking of abuse, it’s very clear Bonnie was abused by her mother. She admits to her mother, while she lays in comatose from her stroke, that when she pushed Perry to his death, she was pushing her. I just hope Detective Quinlan was lurking around her mother’s hospital room.



Bonnie told Jane how she saw Corey at the police station, so of course, Jane runs to Corey to confront him. He says that they called him into question him and warns her they know something and are just waiting for one of them to crack.

Jane cools things off with him because things are just too complicated. And maybe she’s nervous he isn’t telling the whole truth. I wish he would have just told her as soon as he got the call.


As if Renta’s slimy husband couldn’t get any worse, it turns out he was banging the nanny. Renta finds out the most humiliating way possible, during a bankruptcy hearing. “Other services rendered” is what they’re calling it these days.


Cut to Gordon and Renta driving home and screaming, “shut your twerp mouth” right before she stuffs a half a box of tissues in it. I know she’s getting a raw deal this season, but my gosh Laura Dern is the shining star.



Just last week, Madeline promised Ed that she wouldn’t screw up by cheating again. But he can feel that she’s keeping something. And with Tori ready to sink her claws in Ed for some revenge sex, she better tread carefully. She almost decided to come clean with him, but Renta talked her out of it.

I do have hope for these two. When ed arrives home with their daughters, he walks in on Madeline in her half-zipped wedding gown listening to their song. He was charmed by the moment, and for the first time, I think they may be O.K. That if she doesn’t end up in jail for a murder cover-up.


Next week is the finale! How do you think it will end?

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