Another Life season 1, episode 8 recap: How the Light Gets Lost


Romantic liaisons turn sour on Another Life as Sasha becomes desperate to take William offline and control the Salvere himself.

The Salvare has entered a dark matter cloud on their way to Canis Majoris in episode eight of Another Life. Beauchamp is given the first shift – he’s the pilot and the lookout. The rest of the crew enjoy a final feast before they go on to rations. Without some of the more toxic and unsavory members of the crew around, the other Salvare team members are jovial and amiable. Niko looks content.

The Crew Are on Edge

She and William chat on the way back to her quarters, they’ve cottoned on to the fact that half the crew is now involved with each other. Zayn and Bernie can’t hide their flirtations, and the sexual tension between August, Oliver, and Javier is palpable. As Niko bids goodbye, she accidentally calls William Erik. Is she just tired, or does that Freudian slip imply something more about her feelings toward the AI?

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Cas interrupts Niko’s daydreams about Erik because she’s distraught that Niko woke up Beauchamp. Cas now feels like her job is on the line, but Niko assures her Beauchamp’s addition is only to help Cas. They can’t get their conversation going because Javier is fretting about Oliver and August’s whereabouts. Looks like he didn’t get the memo that he’s the third wheel in that relationship.

Cas and Javier are on edge, while Niko, Oliver and August are distracted, it’s because all their hormones are out of whack. Zayn’s discovered this and believes it’s the dark matter. It isn’t. Sasha put some of the toxic plants from the moon into his salad, and now the crew is high.

Since Beauchamp is the only one who didn’t eat Sasha’s salad, he’s temporarily in charge and has a plan for the crew to wait out the effects of the drug – dance party! The crew is having the time of their lives, especially Niko. When she asks William to join her on the dance floor, he brings out some killer moves.

William’s Feelings

As we know from the previous episode of Another Life, Sasha is out to turn off William, so he’s watching him with hawk eyes. Sasha enlists Javier’s help to figure out what’s up with William – apparently, the AI is in love with Niko. All this while, it seemed like Niko was falling for William, but the writers want us to believe it’s the other way around.

While Bernie finally makes a move on Zayn, Sasha uses his new knowledge of William to his advantage. He insists that Niko reciprocates William’s feelings, especially in her current state, and that William should take extra care of her. William does exactly that, including giving in to Niko’s request to change into Erik. This is probably not going to end well, but at least William and Niko are both too distracted to realize Sasha is up to no good.

Niko wakes up from her escapades feeling guilty for taking advantage of William’s programming. She needn’t bother, since William confesses his love for her. Niko doesn’t back down – for the good of the mission, she requests William to wipe their nocturnal sojourn from his systems. He claims to follow her orders, but we all know he didn’t.

Meanwhile, in a different series of unfortunate romantic entanglements, Javier realises that August and Oliver are way more into each other than they are in him. He leaves to get some work done, only to find that Sasha has stolen his access codes to try and shut William down. Since Sasha hasn’t succeeded, he attempts to suck all the information out of Javier’s brain. Javier is now lying unconscious, but Sasha is none the wiser about shutting down William.

Sasha doesn’t have to worry for long, though. William starts malfunctioning, ostensibly because he’s heart-broken about Niko, but possibly also because dark matter is leaking into the ship. Sasha finds the AI and asks him to shut himself down while he fixes William. Looks like Sasha has succeeded in his plan.

The crew discover Javier and realise that Sasha is behind all this. Zayn finds Sasha’s brain scans which show the parasitic alien; this proves it, Sasha isn’t who he’s supposed to be. As Sasha deactivates William for good, Niko orders Zayn to revive Javier and then she finds Sasha attempting to suck Beauchamp’s brain.

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On Earth, Erik brings Jana to the medical staff. They are inundated by injured people, but Jana’s injuries are worse because of an undiagnosed medical condition. Turns out, the Artifact gave off radiation which triggered leukemia in Jana. Erik is furious and lambasts the inert Artifact. Instead of getting an answer, Harper Glass appears. She was dragged into the Artifact in the previous episode, but she’s still alive now. Does she bring any answers with her?