Preacher season four premiere recap: Masada

Preacher starts its final season with “Masada.” Jesse and Tulip are on a mission to save Cassidy, but does he want to be rescued? We’ve got the recap!

It’s the final ride for Preacher. “Masada” opens with a flash forward to a small hotel room. Tulip (Ruth Negga) is relaxing on a bed while the sounds of war rumble outside. A frosted blonde Cassidy (Joe Gilgun) walks in to the room from outside. They admit to each other that it’s starting to sound like the end out there. Cassidy sits at the foot of the bed. The two are trying to keep their distance from each other, but you can feel the romance. They share a quick kiss.

Meanwhile, in the skies over Australia, Jesse (Dominic Cooper) falling through the sky. The air is tearing him to shreds, but he makes it to the ground ok. Well, he lands face first. And he’s dead. But besides that, he’s fine. With that, season four of Preacher has begun!

A Couple Months Earlier

Jesse and Tulip arrive in the Middle East right after they finish  business in the back seat. They set up shop at the Bar and Grail. The dynamic duo has never seemed more in sync. In the bar, a squad of The Grail are singing reich-worthy torch songs. When the notice Jesse and Tulip, they pull their guns. Jesse uses Genesis to make the squad work for Tulip. And now Preacher has a little bitty army.

Back at The Grail, a chained up Cassidy is led to an advanced level torture class. He’s not the student. He’s the live visual aide. Frankie Toscani (Lachy Hulme) takes a shotgun to a restrained Cassidy. He shoots vital organs, including Cassidy’s liver, in order to demonstrate that vampire’s can be tough to torture. Sometimes, you have to find a special pain to really have an effect. In this case, Toscani circumcises a screaming Cassidy. As soon as his foreskin grows back, Toscani circumcises him again. And again. And again. Yikes.

I Got This

Jesse is able to get into the front door of The Grail. Tulip is a little delayed by security forces. She orders one of Jesse’s converted, Tammy (Alexandra Aldrich), to keep the door open. Tammy does with her body. Before she’s completely obliterated, Tammy tells Tulip about another way to open the door. It’s at the top of the mountain the base is built into. No sweat, right Tulip? Ugh.

Preacher--Credit AMC Networks and Sony Pictures Television

Preacher–Credit AMC Networks and Sony Pictures Television

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Meanwhile, Jesse confronts Herr Starr (Pip Torrens). He reveals that it was his plan to let Jesse infiltrate The Grail so that he could carve a vagina into Jesse’s head. Starr warns Jesse that Genesis won’t work because he and his crew are all wearing headphones. But, all of these security forces are also Jesse converts and they open fire on Herr Starr.

Tulip pulls an Eiger Sanction and climbs the mountain face double quick. There she has a battle with the waiting Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery). It’s epic, but Tulip gains the upper hand and throws Featherstone off the mountain. She saves herself by pulling a Roger Moore era James Bond trick and uses hidden flaps in her white Grail suit to glide away. Tulip opens the door.

Jesse and Cassidy have made it to the door, but start fighting over Tulip. Jesse tells Cassidy to never mention one more word about her again. Cassidy looks dejected. Then he looks Jesse in the eye and says “Tulip.” The two fight until the door opens. Jesse escapes, but Cassidy remains. He just says that he’s got this.

Fever Dreams

Back at the Bar and Grail, Tulip wants answers. Did Cassidy ask about her? Did he mention her at all? Jesse asks if the two ever had sex. He wouldn’t be mad if they did. Tulip says no and starts doing shots.

At night, Jesse has a strange wake-up call dream that includes a nuclear explosion from a giant phallic rock and the choking of Herr Starr, who morphs into Tulip. Jesse leaves a note for Tulip and leaves to find the rock. When she awakes, Tulip vows to free Cassidy on her own.

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Meanwhile, The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) and Arseface (Ian Colletti) arrive in Angelville. When they realize Preacher is gone, they keep walking. Back at The Grail, Herr Starr pours a delicious Diet Dr. Pepper for god (Mark Harelik). He tells Herr Starr that he still can’t kill Jesse. But if he wants to make him suffer, he should make him suffer.

Did you enjoy the season premiere of Preacher? What do you think is up with Cassidy? Let’s discuss in the comments!