Young Justice: Outsiders season 3 finale recap: Nevermore

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 26 (Credit: DC Universe)
Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 26 (Credit: DC Universe) /

It’s the finale of Young Justice: Outsiders, and you are not prepared for what befalls the heroes. Cry happy and sad tears as the characters win some and lose some.

The Markovs learned that Baron Bedlam had taken over their country in the previous episode of Young Justice: Outsiders. Now, all the teams have been deployed to stop the villain and perhaps also end the Light. With Oracle overseeing all the operations, nothing can go wrong, right?

The Fight for Markovia

What the heroes don’t know is that the Light has planted a mole among them. Everything is proceeding as per Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor’s plans. And now that they have the heroes where they want them, it’s time for Tara Markov to kill Garfield Logan.

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The teams converge on Baron Bedlam – while Count Vertigo has Superboy’s beta squad down, the Markov siblings fight their uncle, the Baron. Meanwhile, Miss Martian leads Young Justice to get rid of Bedlam’s cohorts.

Geo-Force is able to subdue his uncle, but he lets his anger get the better of him. As Brion gets ready to launch a killing blow on the Baron, Gar reminds him that the Outsiders are a beacon of hope, and mustn’t kill. Brion stops, but Deathstroke eggs Tara on over comms, urging her to finish her job and kill Garfield.

Just as Tara gets ready to crush him under a rock, Artemis stops her, ordering her not to follow Deathstroke’s commands anymore. Wait, how does Artemis even know about Deathstroke? Turns out, Batman had figured out that Deathstroke was duping Tara from well before they had rescued her. Young Justice only allowed the shenanigans to continue so that Tara could finally make a decision for herself. Though Deathstroke continues to exert his influence on Tara, she abandons his teachings and accepts the team as her family. The Light is none too pleased with this turn of events.

What Are You Doing, Brion?

Geo-Force in Young Justice: Outsiders episode 5 (Credit: DC Universe)
Geo-Force in Young Justice: Outsiders episode 5 (Credit: DC Universe) /

Brion is horrified by what these revelations and understandably angered by the fact that yet another detail was kept secret from him. Before he can begin one of his infamous tantrums, Bedlam tries to escape. Brion stops him and, with video cameras and the eyes of his nation on him, kills his uncle. While the Markovians chant his name and call for Brion, their hero, to be named king, Young Justice and the Outsiders stand aside in shock.

Intoxicated by the notion of power, Brion decides to de-throne the rightful king, his brother Gregor, and take the crown for himself. He tries to coerce Tara into joining him, but she refuses to play along with his betrayal. Brion even asks Halo to become his queen, seemingly unaware of his change in behaviour. Violet is too crushed to reply, instead turning her back on him. With no friends by his side, Brion orders Nightwing to remove his ‘heroes’ from Markovia. Looks like Brion has become… a villain?

This should have been a win for the heroes, but it isn’t. Brion’s actions have played into the Light’s hands. Lex Luthor thinks he has the upper hand. But Black Lightning has proof of Lex running Lex Corp, even while serving as UN Secretary-General, as well as his meta-trafficking ring, the control chips he’s used on unsuspecting metas, and the fact that Lex runs Infinity Inc.

Lex valiantly denies these claims, before Superboy steps up to the stage. He tells the world about how he was a Genomorph experiment created from Lex and Superman’s DNA, thereby fulfilling his promise to give the citizens of Geranium City a chance to mingle with human society.

Though Lex has legal battles to deal with, the Light are in control of Markovia. One of Brion’s aids actually works with the Light and appears to be psychically manipulating Brion. Meanwhile, Vandal Savage and Darkseid have made a pact and the Light are intent on keeping an eye on Violet, who remains a key element in creating the anti-life equation.

Time for New Management

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 20 (Credit: DC Universe)
Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 20 (Credit: DC Universe) /

At the Watchtower, Nightwing has assembled every possible hero imaginable via satellite and in person for an important announcement. He shares the details of Batman Incorporated and how misguided their plans were. In lieu of their behaviour, the rogue team step down as leaders – Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Nightwing and Miss Martian, all abdicate their positions in favour of Black Lightning.

Jefferson Pierce is reluctant to take on the mantle, but eventually gives in with a rousing speech about working together as a team and trusting each other. He’s going to be a great leader. I love it!

The heroes start settling back into normal live again. While Black Lightning looks down from the Watchtower, Miss Martian and Superboy make up; Superboy also joins the Outsiders as a public hero. Forager removes his image inducer and is welcomed by all in his school. Unfortunately, Violet is still heart-broken about Brion’s decision, but he is little more than a puppet. He has Dr. Jace back at his side and Infinity Inc working for him.

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As the heroes enjoy a day off in Metropolis, none of them notice that the unseen person serving them their coffee is wearing a ring belonging to the future Legion of Super-Heroes. The finale of Young Justice: Outsiders ends with the return of Lobo – looks like he may be playing a part in season four, along with the Legion.