Why Women Kill season 1, episode 5 recap: There’s No Crying in Murder

Why Women Kill continues to build upon the narrative as each woman grows frustrated with their significant others.

Why Women Kill is a one-of-a-kind series, in a good and a bad way. Like I’ve said many times before, there are elements of this series that are so fun to watch, while others we could do without. In this week’s episode, that sentiment continues to stand true.

Starting with the 1960s storyline, Beth Ann is starting to get herself deeper and deeper into the friendship she’s formed with April. In fact, I think her focus has shifted from trying to get Rob back, to keeping April happy. This is why she goes and above beyond to make sure that Rob favors April instead of her. Weird how the tables turned there.

After showing a different side of herself to him, Rob seems to realize his wife is more than meets the eye. This is why when he scores World Series tickets, he bails on April and decides to take Beth Ann. There is just one slight problem, however. April is performing at a bar for the first time and really wants Rob to be there. Worse yet, her feelings have progressed from this being a fling to falling love with him.

Beth Ann tries to make April happy by pretending to be sick so she can attend her show while Rob goes to the World Series. Unfortunately, later that night, Rob shows up at April’s place while Beth Ann is still there so she hides out in the bathroom. Little does Rob know that he’s cheating on his wife as she hides nearby. The tender moment between April and Rob is ruined when April comes clean about her feelings and Rob reacts negatively.

He’s not going to leave his wife he says. So, what exactly are you doing with April then, Rob?

Moving to the 1980s storyline of Why Women Kill, Simone and Tommy are continuing to harbor their illicit affair. They don’t have many options since Tommy lost the van but when an opportunity arises, they jump to take it. Naomi, Tommy’s mom, has set him up with a new job–clean and take care of houses while owners are out of town.

This means empty houses for Simone and Tommy to go hook up in. All is well until one of the owners comes back unexpectedly and Simone is forced to hide upstairs. With no way out, she calls her husband Karl to get her out of this bind. You see, they have this strange and open understanding of their current marital situation.

Anyway, Karl comes to the rescue and creates a diversion long enough to have Simone escape from the house. But along the way, he learns that Simone has been fooling around with 18-year old Tommy.

Last but not least, we come to the present-day Why Women Kill storyline. My least favorite. Taylor ends up going out of town for a conference, leaving Jade and Eli behind. This is the first time they’ve been alone since officially become a “thrupple” but the rules are unclear here with Taylor gone.

Eli’s agent shows up demanding to get the script Eli promised within 24 hours. With Jade’s help, Eli manages to pull it off and has celebratory sex with Jade. Something about the whole ordeal feels weird, so when Taylor calls later, he lies to her about the whole thing.

Unluckily for him, Taylor is already harboring some regret over their whole situation after telling her sisters about it. They pointed out that while Taylor loves both Eli and Jade, has she ever stopped to think about how Eli and Jade feel about one another? Sisters keeping it real.

And that is where we leave this week’s episode of Why Women Kill. The 1960s and 1980s continue to be a hoot to watch, but the present-day one is so-so. I don’t know why I’m not amused by it, but it just doesn’t have the same intrigue as the other two.

Perhaps that will change with time.

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