Top Boy season 1, episode 3 recap and explained: Big Flame

Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Chris Harris/Netflix
Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Chris Harris/Netflix /

Welcome to Show Snob’s recap and explanation of the critically acclaimed British crime drama, Top Boy, a Netflix original.

Right as Top Boy season 1, episode 3 begins, Kit is ordered to get the straps – or guns – by Jamie, in retaliation for Tilly’s shooting. It’s War between Fields and A-Road gang, it appears. Cam and his crew are found by the Fields people at a Turkish cafe. They attack them with weapons and have the best of the fight; Jamie beats Cam but the latter stabs Si.

When Si is taken to the hospital, the two sides meet again and instantly fight in A&E. Though it all ends and they evade. Dushane goes to a restaurant to speak to Sully; though the latter tells his former friend that he felt unequal in their old partnership.

However, with talk of his current issues, Dushane attempts to coerce his mate into assisting him with his contemporary drug business. He wants to conduct a robbery to pay £10,000 to Sugar’s manager. Eventually, Sully disagrees but he does give his regards about his associate’s mother’s illness.

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Afterwards, Sully yells Jason that he wants to better himself for the love of his daughter. Ats and Stef plan to sell burgers because his mother can’t claim benefits or work at the moment. Dris intimidates a supposed undercover cop, pointed out by two crackheads and tells his crew to beware and not to carry anything illegal.

On Skype, Donovan in Jamaica says he’s coming to town to his cousin Dushane. At his mum’s, Dushane considers taking Pat’s savings to pay his “food” – or drug – deposit. He is confronted by Shelly for looking at Pat’s bank book and offers help. He declines as she doesn’t know his modus operandi.

While selling burgers, Ats gives a free sample to a girl he likes; they make a profit. In Ramsgate, Sully confides in Jason that he’s never been to the seaside or on vacation anywhere. They are at the beach to meet Gem, a former Top Boy: Summerhouse character, now grown. Jamie’s “connect”, Lizzie, is concerned about the publicity over his men and women’s altercation at the hospital.

She says Cam wasn’t but should’ve been murdered and that Jeffrey and her will still work with Fields but don’t feel confident at present. Meanwhile, Sully threatens Gem for giving Jason drugs. Then the three go to a squat so Sully can use the place for selling drugs – or “going country.”

Still struggling to get the deposit for the drugs, Dushane informs Dris he needs to help obtain the money. Stef interrupts Jamie’s relaxing bath and is chastised by his elder brother for missing school and lessons. Tilly’s phone number calls Jamie, though nobody speaks so he hangs up. Amma is moved that her son, Ats, gave her money, telling him not to worry.

Jaq and Lauryn give Dushane details of a property that can be burgled; he and Dris don’t do those types of crimes but undertake the home invasion anyway. Dris is unconscious after Dushane is startled in the house. Back at Ramsgate seafront, Sully and his boys let off fireworks as a signifier to local drug addicts that they have arrived.

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Tilly’s Dad says she has brain damage, then scolds Jamie for putting innocents at risk through his lifestyle; telling the latter not to return. The “line” in Ramsgate is busy; Sully and Jason reignite their bond. Through a blood infection, Sully promises to make his protegé’s small dream of watching football team Arsenal come true, as the episode ends.