The Widow season 1, episode 6 recap: The Spider and the Web


In episode 6 of Amazon Prime’s The Widow, Georgia gets closer to learning the truth about Will and Ariel pays a great cost for his involvement.

Previously on The Widow, Georgia Wells (Kate Beckinsale) killed Pieter Bello (Bart Fouche), and we learned dark secrets about Judith (Alex Kingston), who was herself killed by Sidney (Yoli Fuller). As episode 6 begins, we learn how Adidja (Shalom Nyandiko) was initially kidnapped as a child soldier, while the rest of the people in her town, including her parents, were murdered. Nor Adidja is with Judith Wells on a plane to (presumably safely) fly to Judith’s. When they get there, Georgia finds that Judith’s computer files have no mention of Bello.

Martin Benson (Charles Dance) finds there are other leads. He talks to Ray Kasongo (Yule Masiteng) about General Azikiwe (Babs Olusanmokun), and Georgia is introduced to Ariel (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson). In another flashback scene, we see that when Adidje’s fellow child soldier, Sadiki (Lungile Radebe), was shot, Bello could not be bothered in the slightest to help them.

Meeting General Azikiwe

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General Azikiwe isn’t impossible to find. Martin arranges a meeting, calling himself Alexander Ramsey and saying he’s writing a book on the history of aviation in the Congo. He mentions the Sankuru Airways accident, saying he wants to understand what happened.

Of course, Benson knows Azikiwe played a major role in bombing the plane. Azikiwe tells Benson (or “Ramsey”) that he can leave now. Back in the car, Benson plays back the recorded conversation for Ariel, who recognizes Azikiwe’s voice as the man responsible for the terrorist act. Knowing something’s up between “Ramsey” and the man in the car, Azikiwe orders Sidney to follow them.

When Ariel and Martin get back to the hotel, Martin passes out (due to a bad reaction from anti-malaria pills). As Benson goes away to the hospital, Ariel receives a surprise call from Beatrix (Louise Brealey), informing him that she had eye surgery. While the conversation is pleasant (with Ariel having sent her a painting), Ariel’s mood is soured when Sidney enters the picture, being predictably threatening. Though Ariel pleads, “You’re here to murder a blind man because he knows the truth,” Sidney’s main point is: “I can do this so you won’t feel a thing.” Though Ariel is surely a dead man, Benson at least finds the exchange was recorded when he returns from the hospital.

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More about Azikiwe’s operation

After seeing a dream sequence where Georgia finds her daughter, Violet (Demi Lee), The Widow reveals more about Azikiwe’s mining operation. First, Benson brings the Sidney/Ariel tape to local authorities. They initially say they can’t do anything, but Benson bribes someone to see surveillance video footage of Sidney taking Ariel away. (Because The Widow doesn’t wish to be simplistic, we later see Sidney praying to God for forgiveness for his actions.) There is also more clarification on the coltan mine setup, which isn’t that complicated. Azikiwe gave coltan to Judith to smuggle in aid vehicles, and Sidney was and remains an enforcer.

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When Benson (along with Georgia) uses the surveillance footage to track Sidney down, Sidney begs him to relent, as it’s his son’s birthday. Benson asks, “Does your son know his father’s a murderer?” Sidney clarifies that he and Bello were trying to take over Judith and Azikiwe’s operation. Sidney then tells Georgia her husband, Will (Matthew Le Nevez) is in Rwanda, and Georgia is shocked to even speak to him on the phone!

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