Top Boy season 3, episode 4 recap, explained: Bonfire Night

Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Chris Harris/Netflix
Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Chris Harris/Netflix /

This is Show Snob‘s recap and explanation of Netflix‘s Top Boy season one – or the third series technically – episode four: Bonfire Night.

Episode four of Top Boy starts with an attempt to show Jason and Sully’s warm-ish relationship, humility and stupidity while fishing. They are questioned by racist inhabitants of the seaside town. Then it is Dris’ turn to be a good father; though his mind is on other things it seems.

Haze presses Dushane for the £10,000 that presumably his boss doesn’t even know about; the middle man for the Jamaicans also threatens Dushane’s disabled cousin in Jamaica. Dris suggests a robbery of someone in Bow, East London to raise funds – but Dushane isn’t sure just yet.

Jamie talks sex education with his nineteen-year-old brother. An immigrant, the wife of Sully’s bedsit owner, is caught shoplifting. Though the police release her when they realize most of the stolen items are for her baby as they struggle in England.

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At an estate agency, Dushane asks his working brother to lend him the 10 grand for Haze. Chris Hill declines after asking him to beg because of the pain he went through at Dushane’s hands. Consequently, Dris is told the hold-up is on by his superior.

The drug addicts who’ve been prevalent all series – asking Dris and gang for freebies and drugs without paying or “on tick” – are back on the scene because they helped identify the undercover police officer. Jaq tells her boss, Dris, that Fields somehow has food, otherwise known as narcotics.

Meanwhile, Jamie and his fields crew take Cameron hostage and allude to his right-hand man at gunpoint that he is in charge of A-Roads now, too. Over at Summerhouse, Dushane visits his mum; Shelly’s adorable daughter Tish greets him at the door. He explains to Shelly that he wouldn’t have considered taking the money usually, although he didn’t anyway.

Ats and Stef hatch a silly plan to steal a dog but quickly cease as barking and shouting scares them off. At the trap, Sully tells Jason not to consort with their paid hosts. Before a brick smeared with dog muck comes through the window. Stef and Ats break the washing machine attempting to clean Ats’ dirty school uniform.

Aaron meets his well-to-do girlfriend’s parents; he explains his family’s story and makes a good impression. Cameron is beaten to death by Fields and then dropped out of the window of a high-rise apartment when A-Roads are summoned. This brutality inflicted on a brutal man is intended to scare them into conformity.

Sully makes enough cash to end the makeshift crack and heroin den business. He and Jason plan to make their mark on East London upon return. They pay Gem a wad of money for helping. Dushane and Dris arm themselves with old firearms for their potential heist. Donovan calls the former and says he’s excited and trusts his cousin. In Ramsgate an arson attack sees Sully flee and Jason perish in the ensuing fire.

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In the morning Dushane and Dris prepare for their mission, however, Sully arrives and points a pistol at them. He proposes his money as funds for their dealing – if he can be an equal partner with the former; while ensuring two-to-one favor ratio of profit for himself on the first deal. They give Haze his 10 thousand and take their goods.

Dushane is warned again by Haze to pay up and on time, or else. Though Dushane assures him they will make him look decent in Sugar’s eyes. That concludes episode four of Top Boy.