Medici: The Magnificent season 2, episode 7 recap: Betrayal


In episode 207 of Netflix series Medici: The Magnificent, the Medici family is increasingly in the Pazzi family crosshairs, and assassinations have already occurred.

Previously on Medici: The Magnificent, Giuliano de Medici (Bradley James) was in mourning after his lover, Simonetta Vespucci (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz), died under imprisonment from her husband, the jealous Marco (Alessio Vassallo). Meanwhile, Jacopo de’ Pazzi (Sean Bean) and his family proved murderous as Lorenzo (Daniel Sharman) attempted to broker peace between Florence, Venice, and Milan.

This episode begins with a young Francesco de’ Pazzi (Niccolo Alaim) pushing Lorenzo as a boy (Sam Taylor Buck). Even then there was an air of irreconcilable differences between the families. Now the adult Francesco (Matteo Martari) is in Rome, meeting with Salviati (Jacob Fortune-Lloyd), Jacopo’s ally in Rome. As they discuss the plot against the Medici family, we also see what Lorenzo is up to. He stresses that, even in a time of uncertainty, he doesn’t want armed guards present, as they make him look weak.

Still, the assassination of Galeazzo Sforza (Tam Mutu) has everyone rattled and strengthens Lorenzo’s resolve to be in league with Milan and Venice. Conversely, Francesco tells his fellow schemers that Lorenzo and his brother must die simultaneously. Guiliano is to be killed in Florence. Meanwhile, a spy (Luca Matteo Zizzari) of Carlo Medici (Callum Blake) is killed by Montesecco (Sam Mackay). The spy had heard the Pazzi conspiracy.

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Florence, March 31st, 1478

“Betrayal” has one of the wittiest rejoinders in Medici: The Magnificent. Jacopo brags to a boy about the Pazzi family legacy, saying that Pazzino De’ Pazzi claimed Palestine for Christianity and received stones from the tomb of Christ.

He says, “One might say we are the oldest, most noble family in Florence.” Lorenzo responds: “One might, if you didn’t always beat one to it.” Boom! Shortly after this verbal smack down, the murderous Count Montesecco stifles a meeting between Father Carlo and Clarice (Synnøve Karlsen), as Montesecco had threatened to have her tortured if she was to be told anything. When they meet, Clarice suspects he’s withholding information.

Later, Salviati and Montesecco try to dupe Pope Sixtus IV (Raoul Bova) into siding against the Medicis. In contrast, Lorenzo wants the treaty with Venice and Milan to militarily sway the Pope to their side. For his part, Jacopo plans to disguise Count Montesecco’s men as the Pope’s retinue. In fact, Jacopo even tells Francesco that he will not spare the life of Guglielmo de’ Pazzi (Charlie Vickers) in the murder plot — particularly as he is fond of Bianca de’ Medici (Aurora Ruffino).

Stalled assassination

Medici: The Magnificent offers another twist, delaying the Pazzi’s assassination plot at a meeting. The initial scene is somber, with Giuliano renouncing God to his mother (Sarah Parish) while still mourning Simonetta’s death. While Count Montesecco (the proven assassin) is poised to kill the Medici brothers, Giuliano’s not present, which means they can’t bring the hammer down. Later, Pazzi and company concretize plans to kill the Medici’s at Catholic Mass, which is too taboo for Montesecco. However, it’s clear that Jacopo will find someone who will, even one of their own.

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The day arrives soon, and Francesco seems to be conciliatory to Lorenzo outside of Mass. However, Francesco’s hugs are a way of feeling for anybody’s armor. Rather than burying the hatchet, Francesco wishes to stab him in the back…or wherever he can ultimately fit his blade.

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