Raising Dion season 1, episode 2 recap: Fortress of Solitude

Photo: Jason Ritter, Ja'Siah Young, Alisha Wainwright.. Raising Dion: Season 1.. Steve Dietl/Netflix
Photo: Jason Ritter, Ja'Siah Young, Alisha Wainwright.. Raising Dion: Season 1.. Steve Dietl/Netflix /

In episode 2 of the Netflix series Raising Dion, Nicole tries to get her son to control his superpowers while she looks for a new job. Talk about multitasking!

Previously on Raising Dion, we met Dion Warren (Ja’Siah Young), learned of his burgeoning superpowers and how they shocked his mom, Nicole Reese (Alisha Wainwright). Now the question is: Can Dion have a normal life? Nicole has also been trying to get Dion’s powers under control, which they initially practiced at a lake house.

In addition to raising fish from the water, Dion accidentally almost drowned himself. Also, Dion seemed to summon spirits, called “the rain people,” which happened to include his deceased father, Mark Warren (Michael B. Jordan). Mark was apparently trying to warn them about something, but the apparition vanished before a clear message was given.

As this episode begins, Nicole has yet another issue to pursue. She’s calling around about Charlotte Tuck (Deirdre Lovejoy), after finding Charlotte’s phone number in her husband’s jacket pocket. Charlotte also happens to be the woman Mark was trying to save when he drowned in a flood. Had he been having an affair, or was it something else?

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Interestingly, Deputy Wayne Miller (Butch Hammett) shows up to the lake house, asking about a missing woman named Jill (Diana Chiritescu) and if Nicole’s seen any “strange people.” She knows nothing and is more interested in Charlotte. She calls Pat (Jason Ritter) to ask what he knows about the mysterious woman.

Get centered

Raising Dion does get back to basics again, examining Dion’s training to control his powers. Nicole wants Dion to get centered mentally.  They try meditation.  Humorously, Dion gets distracted and chases a squirrel instead. Things take a dramatic turn when he mistakenly teleports to a high tree branch.

Nicole rushes to get a ladder to get him down, but it’s obviously a long road ahead before Dion can adequately control his abilities. Soon, Nicole gets a call from her sister. Kat (Jazmyn Simon) about a job in the communications department. While the jobless Nicole doesn’t seem very interested, Kat tells her that it’s a salaried job with medical benefits, and she’d better snag it up before it’s gone.

As they head away from the lake house, Nicole tells Dion to refrain from using powers in public. Because Dion suffered an asthma attack, he and Nicole head to a pharmacy later to get a new inhaler, although it’s too expensive. As she attempts to haggle, Dion makes some Twix bars float in the air (nice product placement!). Meanwhile, Pat meets with Suzanne (Ali Ahn) and later sends her something (does it have something to do with Charlotte?

The job interview / Dion’s public use of powers

Nicole has to bring Dion along to her job interview, urging him again to not use his powers. Ultimately, though, Dion regularly distracts her. By the time he’s floating in an office chair, the job seems totally lost. It’s a sad moment for Raising Dion, and one can understand the character Nicole’s frustration. On the bright side, Dion already sees himself as a superhero, wondering what name he should use. Goggle Man, Broom Face, Plunger and Hammerhead all come to his mind. However, because of all his hi-jinx, Nicole is actually “baby-proofing” their place.

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The two have a few visitors: Their neighbor, Tessa (Dana Gourrier), and Esperanza (Sammi Haney). Dion seems to like the name Mind Mover, due to his telekinetic abilities. Esperanza likes his costume, too. Later, Pat also pays a visit, offering his help in general. Then comes another big moment: Dion publicly teleports to rescue a kid’s doll from the street, then teleports again to avoid an oncoming car! It seems Dion’s on the road to being found out at this point, right?

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