It’s Always Sunny season 14, episode 5 recap: The Gang Texts


In episode 145 of FX series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the gang heads to the zoo but gets preoccupied with texting.

When It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia heads to the Philadelphia Zoo, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that they’ll complicate things. They all have different favorite animals. Dennis (Glenn Howerton) wants to see a lion be fed a tasty animal, whereas most of the others want to see meerkats. We learn that Dee (Kaitlin Olson) got lost in the zoo as a kid and was trampled by goats. They almost get into an argument over texting Frank (Danny DeVito), who is stuck in traffic.
frank stuck between a woman driver wants to shoot himself.

When Frank arrives, his primary motivation is to taunt a gorilla with some bananas. As the title suggests, texting becomes a problem for the gang when “c lions” gets them mixed up between “see lions” and “sea lions.” As a result, Dennis misses the lion feeding and can barely conceal his rage. On the bright side, Charlie (Charlie Day) proves surprisingly adequate at texting, despite his illiteracy (thanks largely to emojis).

Being animals while seeing animals

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As It’s Always Sunny fans know, Mac doesn’t tend to understand sarcasm, so he doesn’t get that Dennis is upset with him. Between emoticons and Dee’s needlessly offensive texts, it’s obvious that texting distracts from their zoo animal sightseeing. Other things go awry, too. Rather than Frank successfully taunting the gorilla, the creature successfully snags his bananas while he texts.

This leaves Frank as the buffoon slamming his hands on the glass! Charlie isn’t much more dignified, either. In a display of dominance, Charlie actually pees on Mac, while making direct eye contact with neck raised high.

Later, Mac tries to gain Dennis’s favor in the restroom, informing him of another goat feeding he learned about. Liking that it’s some “Jurassic Park s**t,” Dennis nevertheless threatens to feed him to the lions if he misses it.

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He also pees on him, much as Charlie did earlier. Dennis also has cause for disappointment: It turns out they’re feeding goats at the petting zoo, not feeding them to the lions! On that note, Dee foolishly ends up swarmed by the goats. On the bright side, the gang does seem to enjoy peering up through the meerkat bubbles.

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