American Horror Story: 1984 season 9, episode 6 recap: Episode 100

American Horror Story celebrates its 100th episode!

American Horror Story hit its 100th episode milestone–and it was underwhelming. For a 100th episode, there could have been so much more that they could have done with it, and they chose not to. They could have thrown in more connections to past seasons or even brought in more characters from the past!

It was a letdown for me personally but the episode itself was not a bad one–just not a great 100th episode. It kicks off in 1985 during which Richard and Mr. Jingles are knee-deep in their murder spree. While Mr. Jingles is starting to feel the impact of murdering, Richard is feeling the complete opposite. Thus, the killings continue per Richard’s demands until Mr. Jingles takes the matter  into his own hands.

Another time-jump takes us to 1989 where things are a bloody mess at Camp Redwood. Xavier and Montana are going ham on anyone that dares to step into the camp while Margaret is busy making profits off of famous horror locations. I’m surprised that’s not a thing right now!

This time-jump reveals that Trevor ended up surviving and is now unhappily married to Margaret. Not only is he benefiting from her wealth, but she is protected with spousal rights in case of anyone finding out what she’s done.

In all this time, Brooke has been locked up in jail and has yet again lost an appeal. She’s to be executed unless she takes Richard’s advice of accepting Satan as her one and only master. But Brooke is not about that devil life, and rejects his offer.

Margaret is in attendance to watch the execution take place, and much to her surprise, Brooke very much expected her to be there. As the electric chair begins to do its thing and just as we begin to accept Brooke is no more, American Horror Story flips the whole thing on its head. Donna shows up and brings Brooke back to life. That happened, and now, we’re not sure where we’re headed.

Heading back to where it all started, Margaret decides to go back to Camp Redwood to throw a festival of sorts for those who dare to enter. Better yet, she has Billy Idol set to perform there which is a sure-fire way to make sure people flock to Camp Redwood.

After parting ways with Richard, Mr. Jingles has a whole new life, with a wife and kid in Alaska. Unfortunately, the happiness is short-lived after he comes home to find his wife murdered. Richard is likely to blame, courtesy of Satan getting him out of jail, and it basically sets Mr. Jingles off, in a very bad way.

And that was a wrap on American Horror Story’s 100th episode. Don’t you wish we got more?!

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