American Horror Story: 1984 season 9, episode 7 recap: The Lady in White

This week’s episode of American Horror Story brings back a familiar face!

American Horror Story dove into the story of the Lady in White in this week’s episode, which resulted in the return of a familiar face–Lily Rabe! Why couldn’t she have been in last week’s 100th episode?! Wouldn’t that have been a more fitting and opportune time for her return?

So where does Lily Rabe’s character fit into the story? The episode kicks off with a flashback to Mr. Jingles’ childhood was anything but pleasant. The scene takes place at Camp Redwood with two children and their mother who works at the camp as a means to take of her kids. It’s clear that she favors one child over the other, and I’ll give you one guess as to who it is. NOT Mr. Jingles.

Unfortunately, his mother’s love completely vanishes for him after a tragic accident that takes his brother’s life. Of course, this happened while young Mr. Jingles was off spying on a couple making out which apparently was just enough time for his brother to jump into the lake and get bludgeoned by a boat motor.

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In the present, Brooke wakes up from whatever injection Donna had given her, giving her another chance at life. And I’m disappointed to say that neither she nor Donna do a great job with it. After everything they had been through at Camp Redwood, you would think that they would never engage with a random stranger.

But, alas, they do, and that stranger is played by none other than Dylan McDermott. Seriously, why wasn’t this used as the 100th episode again?

His character, who turns out to be a murderous serial killer, tries to take down Donna and Brooke after they offer him a ride. By some miracle they manage to get away, but they really shouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with.

Back at Camp Redwood, Mr. Jingles enlightened the other dead souls about who or what is haunting the campgrounds. One of them briefly mentions the lady in white and almost immediately he has a look of concern and familiarity on his face. Well, that would be because that lady–is his mother. The very same lady from the beginning of the episode, who, shocker, wears a white dress!

Apparently, there’s a blood curse that began when his mother worked at the camp. In fact, she was the one responsible for the initial murder spree at Camp Redwood in the 40s. After Mr. Jingles younger brother died, his mother lost her mind and took it out on the poor souls at camp. When she tried to kill young Mr. Jingles, he managed to stop her and kill her instead. Thus, making her the first official spirit to haunt Camp Redwood.

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Mr. Jingles reunites with his dead mother only to learn that she’s also the reason Margaret lost her mind and killed all those people back in the 70s. Ahh, this season of American Horror Story is finally coming together!

Things took an unexpected turn after his mother convinced Mr. Jingles to kill himself in order to save his son and take down Richard. And kill himself he did.

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