The Politician season 1, episode 2 recap: The Harrington Commode

Photo: Ben Platt, Gwyneth Paltrow / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix
Photo: Ben Platt, Gwyneth Paltrow / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix /

The presidential campaign persists on this episode of The Politician as the threat of Infinity’s secret looms over the group.

The Politician is taking on an interesting plot here with Infinity and the potential of her illness being fake. More often than not, politicians try to use sneaky tactics to get as far as they can. Whether or not that’s the case with Infinity is yet to be seen, but I’m on to what Ryan Murphy is trying to do here.

Speaking of Infinity, Payton feels his success is all but guaranteed with her as his running mate. He doesn’t want to think about what Andrew said about her because it would mean shifting the course of his campaign. So with that, Payton decides to move forward with Infinity by his side.

A wrench is thrown into the campaign planning when Payton receives the news that his father jumped off the balcony. This sudden incident is a result of his mother asking for a divorce, and now his father is in a medically-induced coma.

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Going back to Infinity for a second, Payton tries his best to see if he can learn more about her cancer. But she doesn’t have much to say–what a shocker. And of course, Nana shows up to make sure that Payton doesn’t get any more information out of Infinity. This Nana is definitely shady!

You can imagine that when Payton tries to confront Nana about Infinity’s sickness, she doesn’t have the most positive reaction. In fact, she proceeds to scream at him as she kicks Payton out of the house. Well then, now we know Nana is definitely being weird.

And while we’re talking about weird, then let’s not forget to talk about Payton’s weird brothers, Martin and Luther. Since their father is unconscious, they are hoping to kick Payton and their mom to the curb by writing them out of the will. These brothers are the worst to ever grace my television screen, ugh.

Luck is on Payton’s side so far on The Politician because he manages to trick the brothers into thinking their father is improving. And well, he was, but they decided to kill him before he could wake up. And just as they’re about to smother their father to death, he wakes up and reveals, he ain’t dead!


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Papa Bear is quite the sneaky one himself because he uses Payton’s success as a means to keep his wife around. As long as she sticks around, he’ll make sure Payton is well taken care of.

In the hopes of finding out Infinity’s truth, Payton holds a fake blood drive to get a sample of her blood. By looking into the bloodwork, his hope is that they can figure out this secret once and for all. This is not going to end well!

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Remember how Payton’s lifelong dream is to go to Harvard? Well, that dream is just a little bit closer to coming true, but with a price. They’re willing to let him in so as long as his family continues to provide the cash to the school. But that’s not what Payton is about, he wants to get in on his own merits, which is seeming less and less likely at this point.

Oh, and Infinity does not have cancer. K, cool.

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