The Righteous Gemstones season 1, episode 8 recap, explained


Show Snob recaps and explain the penultimate episode of The Righteous Gemstones on HBO. Will the Gemstones see the light and the error of their ways?

Baby Billy begins the penultimate The Righteous Gemstones episode by advising Judy that she is better off without BJ. While indulging in fellatio whilst driving, Billy and his partner, Tiffany, crash their car into Scottie.

Unfortunately, the other driver is severely hurt; but the couple finds and steals a huge amount of money and a gun from the injured driver. Suddenly Scottie awakes but Tiffany accidentally shoots him in the face. Gemstone security and police rescue Jesse and Gideon from the family vault.

Meanwhile, Billy ponders how to avoid prosecution and retain the cash, deciding to push the vehicle into a lake. Eli castigates Gideon for the betrayal; his mother doesn’t accept it – though her son admits his crime. She banishes Gideon.

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Jesse, Judy, and Kelvin understand that their father thinks his grandson is the only one who stole from the church or acted inappropriately. They argue as usual. Judy tries to change Billy’s mind due to his attempting to depart. Harshly he informs her that she’s not as talented or beautiful as her mother, his sister.

Kelvin is apprised by Eli that they will handle Gideon’s treachery internally, as opposed to involving the police. After handing it over, Gideon tells Jesse to destroy the hard drive containing his misdeeds. They make peace.

BJ isn’t interested in Judy’s attempts to apologize. Subsequently, she vandalizes his colleague’s car and chases security guards at his work. Keefe worries due to Kelvin’s drinking; the latter believes he as well as his family is being punished by God for being false prophets. Though he expels his friend from serving him.

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At home Jesse tells his closest friends and their families that his son blackmailed him for partying with his crew; he apologizes by showing the video to make amends for them. The women are upset to see their spouses doing drugs and having sex with prostitutes, understandably.

Amber shoots Jesse in the buttocks with a rifle following the revelations. To get Judy released from jail, Eli bribes officers. Passing Scottie’s recovered truck, Keefe leaves.