It’s Always Sunny season 14, episode 7 recap: The Gang Solves Global Warming


In season 14, episode 7 of FX series, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the gang tries to cash in on global warming.

This It’s Always Sunny episode kicks off with Dee (Kaitlin Olson) declaring that global warming’s making it too hot in Philly. In fact, the gang is relieved that they’re all in agreement — even Frank (Danny DeVito), who normally dismisses such things as “liberal” lunacy. Mac (Rob McElhenney), of course, believes it’s God’s plan, which Dennis (Glenn Howerton) doesn’t seem sure about, There’s also room for disagreement over who’s most affected by it. Frank bravely suggests it’s the old people who will suffer most, whereas everyone else says it’ll be the younger generation. Either way, the heat is on!

Being who they are, the gang decides to turn their AC up to bring more customers. It definitely works at first. Also, they try to do the right, environmentally responsible thing, or at least to look that way. For example, Dee’s shoes are made out of recycled materials and she’s Instagramming herself as some “eco-warrior.” However, things get inconvenient for Dee. The shoes are making her feet sore, which makes her crankier about Charlie’s odd behavior, like getting free cat food and prattling on about “pollution units.”

Ridesharing or the bus?

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia then addresses a possible stereotype, courtesy of Dee. With the growing use of “ridesharing,” Dee decides this will be superior to public busing, which she’s had bad experiences with. However, the rideshare driver (Christopher Chen) notes that his electric car lacks air conditioning, which makes it difficult to claim she’s enjoying the experience on Instagram. Also, much to her chagrin, she gets directly breathed on by another character, known as “Big Strange Dude” (Atticus Todd) in season 4’s “Mac & Charlie Die: Part 2.” Meanwhile, a pizza box hat-wearing Charlie is confused by Dee’s Instagram directions (which, ironically, might have more to do with being behind the times than his broader illiteracy issues).

Predetermination vs. free will

With customers stripping down to fight the heat, It’s Always Sunny seems to be getting hotter in other ways. However, Mac gets to Dennis with his insistence that everything is God’s will. Dennis notes how, if everything is predestined, then people don’t have to take steps to address global warming, or anything else. Mac even goes so far as to say “God” came through Dennis to suggest changing music in the bar.

Ultimately, Mac says, ” I have faith that what I’m saying makes sense.” To complicate things, the crowded bar itself creates more heat, which increases the risk of heat exhaustion. This means they slow down the music to ease up on dancing. Then they tell people to cut down on drinking, as alcohol is a limited resource. Basically, they start bringing the party down and the people — already irritated by the heat — get unruly.

By the end, Charlie has created medical sponge shoes for Dee, the gang prefers the Asian fish factory guys over the sexy crowd, and Dee’s Instagram footage reveals her bad side. The whole time, Charlie had been poorly editing her videos. Instead of recording the segments Dee desired, he shot her throwing away shoes, spitting in a bus passenger’s face, and just generally acting like a primadonna.

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Perhaps the ultimate lesson is that, no matter what you believe about global warming, don’t be like Dee Reynolds. Just because science is on one’s side, should it give them the right to be an ass about it? Then again, Mac’s take on things isn’t so hot, either. It seems like no matter what we do, we’re bound to get burned.

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