American Horror Story: 1984 season 9 finale recap: Final Girl

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984 -- Pictured: Zach Villa as Richard Ramirez. CR: Kurt Iswarienko FX
AMERICAN HORROR STORY: 1984 -- Pictured: Zach Villa as Richard Ramirez. CR: Kurt Iswarienko FX /

American Horror Story: 1984 closes out season 9 with a bloody, emotional end.

American Horror Story: 1984 leaves us with a very disappointing finale, which breaks my heart as I am a huge Ryan Murphy fan. The season ended with a big time jump, Jingles’ grown-up son, and a very weird turn of events. And with that, let’s get into the hot mess that was the season 9 finale.

The finale kicks off in 2019 with Bobby Richter arriving at Camp Redwood. At the time, we didn’t know he was Jingles’ son, but there was a fan theory that Finn Wittrock’s character was indeed his son. Way to go to whoever figured that one out!

Bobby bumps into Montana upon arriving at Camp Redwood and is soon thrown for a loop when he learns that she is dead, amongst the many other unfortunate souls trapped there. It turns out that since the festival Margaret held in 1989 no one has come by the camp. It’s been rather quiet, which is why Montana is taken aback by Bobby’s cellphone.

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The next person Bobby meets is Trevor, who is rather disappointed that of all the things from the 80s, aerobics isn’t really a thing anymore. But hey, the 80s are making a comeback, aren’t they?

Bobby soon learns that his visit to Camp Redwood isn’t going to be what he wanted considering his father died, and no one has seen him roaming the campgrounds in years.

That squashes Bobby’s theory that the checks he was receiving his whole life weren’t coming from dear ‘ol Jingles.

A flashback takes us to 1989 in the midst of Margaret’s festival. She’s pissed off because Trevor is trying to scare people away from coming to her festival. Margaret shoots Trevor and throws him outside of campgrounds, but Brooke shows up in the nick of time and brings his body inside.

Thanks to Brooke, things changed for the better in Camp Redwood amongst the dead community. They finally managed to kill Richard and then made sure to torment him day after day by taking turns killing him over and over again. And boy, they were dedicated to that mission.

Unfortunately, one night, Richard manages to escape the torture and is brought back to life by Satan. He’s ready to kill Jingles’ son once and for all! Meanwhile, Bobby finds himself at the asylum his father was once in and meets Donna.

She fills Bobby in with what else happened during the massacre in 1989. Brooke died, the group banded together to kill Margaret by chopping up her body and shooting it over the campground. At this point, Bobby was pretty sure Donna had been sending the money, but it wasn’t her either.

Who the heck could it be, American Horror Story fans?!

Surprise, surprise, it was Brooke! She did not die during that fateful massacre in 1989 and was rescued thanks to Ray. She fainted right outside campgrounds but was eventually taken to safety and treated. Fast forward to 2019, she’s a mother of two kids and happily married to a dermatologist. She felt she owed Bobby the money because his dad was the hope that things could change for the better outside of Camp Redwood.


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And then American Horror Story gives us a weird, happy ending to a bloody season. Bobby goes back to Camp Redwood, almost gets murdered by Margaret, but is saved by his father! Thanks to Grandma Lavinia, Margaret isn’t able to kill Bobby when she got another opportunity.

Bobby is ushered out of Camp Redwood to live a full and happy life as his father, grandmother, and uncle bid him farewell. And…that was it. See, I told you it was out there.

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American Horror Story: 1984 was an epic fail this time around, and it had so much potential to not be. They had a solid premiere episode, but after that, things just went downhill. What makes it worse is that they hit a milestone this season with their 100th episode and they failed to do well there. Instead, familiar faces from the past popped up after that episode which was so silly.

In either case, this season has come to a close which means the waiting game for next season’s theme begins.

What did you think of the American Horror Story season 9 finale? Share your comments below!