Mr. Robot season 4, episode 6 recap: Not Acceptable

MR. ROBOT -- "Method Not Allowed" Episode 405 -- Pictured: Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Fisher/USA Network)
MR. ROBOT -- "Method Not Allowed" Episode 405 -- Pictured: Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Fisher/USA Network) /

Elliot crosses a line on Mr. Robot, and there may be no going back.

Mr. Robot is getting darker and darker as we inch closer towards the end. I’m afraid that the story will wrap up with our hearts broken and shattered when all is said and done. There’s so much dread and fear embedded within every moment of Mr. Robot since it began, but there is something very frightening about the final season.

Let’s start with the Olivia/Elliot storyline in this week’s episode. Basically, Elliot slept with her some episodes ago and it was all so he could get his hands on the Deus Group files. And if you thought Elliot was a scary, dark character, then his interaction with Olivia will 100% convince you that he’s officially lost it.

Given that she’s a recovering drug addict, Elliot laces her coffee with oxycodone in order to entrap her and threaten her. If she doesn’t do what he asks, he will report her for drug use which will lead to her losing custody of her child. Ugh, come on Elliot!

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This is all so Olivia could give Elliot her boss’ login information. But there is something to note here. This is so unlike anything Elliot has ever done that even Mr. Robot opted out of being present for it.

That’s when you know things are really bad. Ultimately, Elliot gets what he comes for, but it results in Olivia committing suicide.

Thanks to Darlene, Dom is under the control of the Dark Army. And that is something Dom can never really forgive Darlene for, which becomes very obvious in this episode. The Dark Army via Janice wants Darlene to be executed and want Dom to be the one to do it.

But before they do that, they need Elliot’s location which only Darlene can give. And because Darlene refuses to help, Dom is placed in a difficult situation that would require her to execute a woman she still has feelings for. Mr. Robot dives deep into the human psyche with this storyline because whatever Darlene may have done to Dom, she simply can’t just kill her.

Instead, she asks Darlene to kill her before the Dark Army shows up, but it’s all interrupted when Janice barges in to see Darlene still alive. It’s almost certain that Janice is going to kill Darlene, but she stops in her tracks when she finds out that Darlene wiped her phone of all data.

Last but not least, there is the Vera/Krista storyline. Krista is being held hostage in her apartment by Vera who goes on to tell Krista all about his struggles. He was bullied to the point that he turned the tables on his bullies and beat the crap out of them with an aluminum bat. Yikes.


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And if you’re wondering what Vera wants with Krista, to begin with, it’s information on Elliot. Unfortunately, he breaks her down to the point that she gives him the file–and tells him the way to get to Elliot is through Mr. Robot. Things are about to get out of control, I can feel it.

Things get crazy indeed as the episode ends with Elliot being thrown into the trunk of a car by a group of men. I’m assuming it was Vera’s guys after learning what they did from Krista.

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After all the psychological trauma Elliot inflicted on Olivia, I’m not sure how I feel about Elliot’s fate. It’s getting rather complicated on Mr. Robot and we’re really getting into the thick of what this show represents and has been working towards.

Here’s to hoping we’re not sitting in the corner when the series comes to an end, nursing our broken hearts over all the tragedy Sam Esmail rains down on us.

Mr. Robot airs every Sunday on USA at 10 PM EST!