The Man in the High Castle season 4, episode 2 recap: Every Door Out…

Photo: The Man in the High Castle: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios
Photo: The Man in the High Castle: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios /

In episode two of The Man in the High Castle, Juliana’s location is discovered while Smith deals with his daughters’ dangerous behaviors. Wyatt teams up with the BCR in exchange for guns, while Kido has doubts about the Tagomi investigation.

Bell and Elijah had their first meeting with BCR leader Equiano Hampton at a subversive gathering three years earlier on The Man in the High Castle. The secret venue is filled with smuggled books and music by banned African American artists and attended by many people from the local black community. Equiano rallies the attendees, remembering the people they lost in the concentration camps and recruiting soldiers for the cause. Bell is the first to volunteer.

Currently, the Reich is still working on Die Nebenwelt portal and having great success infiltrating the alt-World and gathering intel. They have a cool 3-D map of other portals around the world leading to other universes. Smith learns about alt-Smith, who is a traveling insurance salesman, and that his Thomas is alive and healthy. While looking at surveillance photos, he discovers Juliana is living there.

She seems to be biding her time, getting to know alt-Smith and his family so she can better fight the Smith of her world. Juliana can tell from the news headlines that the Nazis of her world have infiltrated and have started sabotaging the alt-World’s defenses and scientific progress. She awakes one night to discover that she is being watched, and probably by the Reich from her world.

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Meanwhile, Wyatt arranges to collaborate with the BCR in exchange for guns. Their plan is to assassinate a bunch of high ranking JPS officials – General Masuda, Inspector Kido, and two defense ministers – who will all be at a fancy auction hosted by Robert Childan. Wyatt and his crew will have access to the event by posing as caterers.

Childan is doing very well for himself now. He’s built his business back up, he’s doing this fancy auction, and the Crown Princess comes to visit his shop personally. His assistant, a pretty Japanese woman named Yukiko (Chika Kanamoto), even asks him to take tea with her, which appears to be a very important and intimate moment.

Smith’s daughters, Jennifer and Tracy, are settling back into the Reich after their year in the Neutral Zone. The older Jennifer is perhaps more critical thinking and has begun to question the morality of life in the Reich, while the younger Tracy has been indoctrinated and would have no problem turning her sister in for anything even slightly subversive. Smith tries to impress upon Tracy the danger of making accusations without proof, but she’s definitely going to betray someone in her family eventually.

Smith also tries to remind Jennifer how dangerous it is to the whole family when she breaks Reich rules. Jennifer will definitely do something to get her family in trouble. Helen eventually comes home for her daughters after Jennifer calls her, sobbing and begging to come back to the Neutral zone.

General Yamori makes Inspector Kido close the investigation into Tagomi’s assassination after Mingus Jones is arrested and killed. Naturally, the duty-bound Kido wants to find the accomplice before closing the case, but Yamori is unusually insistent that the matter be dropped. He is obviously behind Tagomi’s murder.

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Kido supervises the security at Childan’s auction but is distracted by the news that his son Toru (Sen Mitsuji) has missed his job interview. Toru is a war hero dealing with some pretty heavy PTSD. Kido leaves to find out what happened, which is all the better for Wyatt and his men. If Kido had stayed, chances are he would have discovered their preparations. They smuggled their weapons through in a whole pig meant for barbecue.

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