For All Mankind season 1, episode 6 recap: Home Again

Season 1 | Episode 2Joel Kinnaman in “For All Mankind,” premiering November 1 on Apple TV+.
Season 1 | Episode 2Joel Kinnaman in “For All Mankind,” premiering November 1 on Apple TV+. /

For All Mankind dives deeper into the questionable politics of the space race.

For All Mankind may be an alternate history story, but there are some aspects of it that stand true anyway. This week’s episode focuses on how corrupt politics can even trickle its way into the world of space exploration.

Due to how history in the series has taken place, we’ve veered away from how events in our history took place, more so now than in previous episodes. Watergate is mentioned in passing but overall, this history has quite a drastic turn from what we know.

The last episode left off with a time jump so when this one picks up we find Danielle, Gordo, and Ed at the moon base. They’re supposed to be relieved from duty, but the shuttle meant to come to them explodes right upon launch. With the explosion, the lives of the maintenance crew and Gene Kranz are taken.

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As you can imagine, for the three up on the moon, it essentially means they have to wait around until another launch is approved. This means that things back home won’t go over easy with their loved ones.

It’s a harsh reality that the average person doesn’t quite understand, and For All Mankind does an amazing job of portraying it. The distance takes a toll on both Ed and Karen along with Gordo and Tracy.

I think Ed and Karen might be okay, but Gordo and Tracy are pretty much over at this point. There’s not much love there, and the distance is making it even worse.

It’s peculiar that Karen has been pretty much been taking care of Tracy and Gordo’s kids. The connection there has become so weak too, which solidifies the fact that relationships in their lives are just not easy.

Meanwhile, Margo finds herself stuck in a lull as another female gets promoted while she remains stuck. I’m glad For All Mankind took some time to spend on her character because she has a lot to offer. And her discovery in the episode sheds light on something very shocking regarding the explosion.

Much to her disapproval, Margo is forced to go and talk to Wernher von Braun. During their awkward visit, she finds out that the shuttle explosion was all because of political reasons. It’s not exactly ideal, but at least we know something!


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Margo is able to use this knowledge to her advantage to secure the promotion she was hoping for. Not only does she get what she wants, but we finally get to learn more about the young girl from the beginning of the season, Aleida. She’s a bit older now and her father lets her sit and work on her very complicated math homework.

When Margo finds her and realizes this girl is likely heading to space in her later years, she decides to be her mentor. Just as von Braun was to her, once upon a time. I’m just excited we know more about Aleida, finally!

Ellen is facing some troubles of her own during this episode of For All Mankind. She’s had to hide her sexuality because this particular time period isn’t very kind to those veering away from what is perceived as “normal”. It’s heartbreaking to see her struggle with burying who she is and having to put on a face for the world.

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The episode wraps up on a very intriguing note as Gordo goes out for his daily walk on the moon. As he ventures off and bounces around the moon, he sees flickering red lights in the distance. If you’re thinking he’s stumbled across the Soviet moon base, you’d probably be right. Now, we just have to wait and see what Gordo intends to do with this new revelation.

Until next week, folks!

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