The Man in the High Castle season 4, episode 7 recap: No Masters But Ourselves

Photo: The Man in the High Castle: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios
Photo: The Man in the High Castle: Season 4.. Image Courtesy Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios /

While some hard-fought victories are won and sacrifices are made, new challenges lie ahead as power changes hands and ideals are shattered on The Man in the High Castle.

The BCR builds their bombs and set out on various missions to plant them along the route of the pipeline. On The Man in the High Castle, Bell has become the heart of the movement and she rallies them on as they work.

Smith’s advisors tell him that the war in Vietnam in the alt-world should be quickly and easily won given America’s advanced weapons and technology. Smith says that the only thing that matters is the will to win. He fears that Thomas may be joining a losing battle.

Kido gives Yamori a confession to sign. Yamori lost two sons in the war and believes that their death would have been in vain if the Empire loses the Pacific States. He killed Tagomi to prevent talk of withdrawal.

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Kido has Childan brought in – interrupting Childan and Yukiko’s first kiss – and asks him about his impression of the BCR. Childan says that they’re savage and cunning, with a terrible will to win and nothing to lose. As they speak, the BCR bombs go off, destroying the Empire’s access to the oil they need.

As Kido escorts the Crown Princess to her waiting car, she asks if he believes the Empire can hold on to their territory. Kido believes that they could, but the sacrifices necessary make him believe that they shouldn’t. The Crown Princess knows that it goes against Kido’s every instinct to say that, so she recognizes how much it means. She promises to deliver his message to the Emperor.

In the end, the Empire decides to withdraw from the Pacific States, making a shocking announcement on television. While some victories were won, their withdrawal brings new challenges ahead.

Meanwhile, Juliana and Wyatt hide out in an apartment used by their friend Ritchie to film pornos. They try on some costumes, practicing their disguises for when they can arrange to meet Helen.

Helen does what she can to get back in the good graces of the Reich. She wants the freedom that trust can afford her and her daughters. She has proven her loyalty to Margarete Himmler simply through her honesty, but now she has to make a statement that the entire Reich will see. So Helen makes an appearance on a national cooking show and tells the story of how she and her husband joined the Reich, how they offered them food, shelter, and mercy when they had nothing. Smith sees her on television, afraid of what she might say. She almost reveals that Daniel was with them on that fateful day they joined the Reich, but she handles it beautifully.

When Smith sees Helen at home, he seems impressed but doesn’t offer her praise. Instead, he worries that she should have consulted him first. She could have made things worse. She hoped that he would have been proud of her, but instead he simply scolds her.

Despite the work that Helen is doing to protect her family, Jennifer is recklessly acting counter to Reich ideals. She doesn’t have any real concept of how dangerous her behavior is. When she says some subversive things to Henry, she’s lucky that the people surveilling her are from the resistance and not the Reich.

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Jennifer says that Helen is only pretending to be the perfect Reich wife, but that her parents are really dying inside. The recording gets back to Juliana and Wyatt, proving to them that Helen might be persuaded to turn on Smith. They find out that Helen will be taking the girls shopping at Gerhardts, so they plan to intercept her there.

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