Daybreak season 1, episode 3 recap: The Slime Queenpin of Glendale, CA

Photo: Daybreak Season 1 Image Courtesy Ursula Coyote/Netflix
Photo: Daybreak Season 1 Image Courtesy Ursula Coyote/Netflix /

Episode 3 of Netflix series Daybreak has Angelica take over as narrator and we learn her twisted backstory.  Also, The Witch helps Josh with maggots.

Previously on Daybreak, Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford) and crew met a familiar Witch (Krysta Rodriguez) — who was also their former teacher named Ms. Crumble. We also learned more info about Ghoulie bites, including that they (apparently) don’t turn others into Ghoulies. Not knowing this, Josh had foolishly severed a finger while attempted to remove his bitten arm. Not contaminated!

Now, at their mall in Glendale, California, The Witch is trying to eat Josh’s missing finger in a hotdog bun! Unfortunately for her, a neighboring crow swoops down from nowhere and steals her “knuckle sandwich.” Then there’s a humorous exchange between Angelica Green (Alyvia Alyn Lind) and The Witch — “Tell Wesley (Austin Crute)…Guh, never mind. You’re too nuts to remember anything anyway.” Being nuts, The Witch actually does tell Wesley that, much to his confusion.

Of course, the biggest change for this episode is that Angelica takes over the narration, ironically assuring us she won’t break the third wall. She explains that she always wanted to be a “gangsta” and suggests, in so many words, that Josh’s narration was lame. The apocalypse wouldn’t just be his story, after all, and she tells us that Rosalind Franklin actually discovered DNA (though, in reality, there’s some debate as to whether any single person deserves such credit).

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In any case, Angelica says she wanted to be like Griselda Blanco, the Colombian drug lord. In fact, she says she set curtains on fire to get prescribed drugs for her bad behavior. She ended up making edible slime (hence the title of “Slime Queenpin”) and had code words for aiding her sales. She even gave some slime to Principal Michael Burr (Matthew Broderick), although she poisoned it with Visine! She also likes making bombs, which could make her an asset against Ghoulies, Turbo (Cody Kearsley) or Baron Triumph.

Antibiotics for Josh

This Daybreak episode doesn’t forget about Josh, who needs some antibiotics. It also doesn’t forget that The Witch is hungry. The question is, can she control her appetite as Angelica retrieves drugs from the nearby Victor’s Pharmacy? Trying to exercise restraint, The Witch consults her doll heads for help, noticing that one of them — Alejandro — is looking at some nearby maggots in the trash. She ends up dipping the hand of an unconscious Josh in a bowl of these maggots, apparently knowing it will help him. Meanwhile, some Ghoulies gather outside of Victor’s Pharmacy. However, before Angelica and Wesley can attent to them, they get killed off by someone else. We also see that Turbo’s been watching a video made by Sam (Sophie Simnett) to feed his anti-Wheeler rage.

The Cheermazons

Daybreak courts controversy by introducing the Cheermazons, an exaggeratedly man-hating tribe of apocalyptic feminists. How much do they hate men? Well, despite the fact Angelica beat Demi Anderson (Jade Payton) with a cafeteria tree in school, Demi wants to kill Wesley merely for being a man! Ultimately, Angelica rejects the offer to join the Cheermazons.

In fact, Angelica actually cares about Josh’s well-being, especially after recalling how they bonded in the Principal’s office while Mr. Burr dealt with the symptoms of his poisoned slime. Angelica also mentions their team dynamics. She’s the smarts, Wesley is the moral compass and Josh has unique survival skills (brains, soul, and heart). It’s also revealed that Angelica wanted to be like Sam, who also happens to be Josh’s love interest (and possibly his reason for staying alive).

Necrotic larva and the fake Sam

Back at the mall, The Witch can be found eating maggots and the necrotic larva from Josh’s finger. Coupled with the antibiotic slime, it seems Josh will recover (and it all gives Daybreak a chance to be really gross). While that’s a big moment for the characters, it’s also revealed that, in order to keep the team together, Angelica used a random corpse and made it look like Sam (partly by smashing its head in with brick, which would render anyone less recognizable). While she says it’s for the good of the tribe, it also doesn’t sit well with those who want honest heroes. In any case, there may be less time for any kind of hero, as we see Baron Triumph eating poor Josh’s finger outside the pharmacy!

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This episode has some other weird moments. The best example: Mona Lisa (Jeanté Godlock) makes someone do a weird skit with Turbo Jock, reading motivational quotes and acting as a father figure. Though he seems to do a good job, he’s still dropped through a trap door onto some spikes below. It’s an obvious nod to some psychological problems in Turbo’s past which led him to become who he is today. It’s also funny.

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