Amazon Prime’s The Feed season 1, episode 2 recap

The Feed stars Nina Toussaint-White and Guy Burnet (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images for ZFF)
The Feed stars Nina Toussaint-White and Guy Burnet (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images for ZFF) /

In episode 2 of Amazon Prime’s The Feed, Lawrence is in hot water after apparently abusing his technology, more people suffer attacks, and Anton snaps.

Previously on The Feed, we were introduced to a questionable technology implanted into people’s brains, allowing people to share memories and emotions. By the end of episode 1, we’ve already seen its dangerous potential, but also its amazing possibilities for good. We know that people can take pictures with their eyes, share positive experiences and potentially become closer than ever before.

As episode 2 begins, Kate Hatfield (Nina Toussaint-White) tells husband Tom (Guy Burnet) that something’s wrong. Evelyn (Clare-Hope Ashitey) uses technology to see evidence that someone deleted “mundles” (memory bundles) while Kate slept. They instantly believe it was The Feed’s inventor, Lawrence Hatfield (David Thewlis), who is also Tom’s father. Can they block Lawrence? Also, quite understandably, Kate wants to know everything in her mundles that Lawrence has seen.

Soon after, Natalie (Anneika Rose) tells Ben Hatfield (Jeremy Neumark Jones) about Evelyn downloading and deleting things from the server. Also, regarding the recent spat of mind attacks, Lawrence believes The Feed resisters are responsible. He wants legal permission to access mundles to locate accused terrorists. After some discussions, the Hatfields and Evie think it’s an internal breach.

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Soon, Tom confronts Lawrence about his being in Kate’s head. He also threatens to publicly reveal Lawrence’s breach, which could harm if not cripple The Feed. Tom also wants to see Anton (Anson Boon) and Sara (Milly Thomas), two prominent cases of people reacting violently to The Feed. Anton killed his father and Sara went after Ben with a knife at a party (and has since gouged out one of her eyes)!

More glitches

Meredith Hatfield (Michelle Fairley) meets Kate and explains that Lawrence just wanted to see the baby. Kate later looks through her mundles. Ben is suspicious of Evie and Max (Osy Ikhile) and has Max followed. However, Lawrence tells them to leave them alone. Eve’s decoding of Kate’s feed was against the law, but so was Lawrence’s looking at it without her permission.

As a result of the discussion between Lawrence and Eve, Lawrence says Max is off the radar. Later, it’s noticed that Kate has a “Feed Free Com” pin in a family photo, with that likely meaning “Feed Free Community.” It makes her seem sympathetic to those opposed to the Hatfield’s technology. Kate has further reason to question Lawrence, too. She thinks he did something to her baby.

Tom sets out to investigate Anton and Sara, believing they know each other somehow. They happen to be at the same mental health facility. However, before Tom can get a straight answer from either of them, Anton kills Sara by twisting her neck, then kills himself. Elsewhere, Marcus (Toheeb Jimoh) and Danny (Shaquille Ali-Yebuah) compete over who can get the most coin donations through The Feed. However, Danny collapses, meaning there is probably yet another glitch. This means Lawrence just can’t get a break, but also people ought to have known the risks of getting such technology implanted in their brains (right?).

Max attacked

Pam (Beverly Longhurst) helps Kate with baby Bea as Tom comes home, still bloody from his close proximity to Anton’s death (though, honestly, it seems he’d wash up a little first, right?). Kate comes to suspect that Lawrence put The Feed into Bea in utero, which means Lawrence may have had special reason to check up on his granddaughter’s development. Understandably, she wants any such technology removed from Bea. In any case, the whole matter has Lawrence and Meredith arguing, which also sours the technology a bit.

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In fact, Max rejects the technology’s capabilities for sexual fantasies. He says he wants the real Evie, not the fakes (she let him use the technology to pretend to be women that she’s not). In fact, Eve finds an engagement ring from Max. Unfortunately, on that very same night, Max’s mind suffers some sort of attack

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