Jack Ryan season 2, episode 3 recap: Orinoco

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season Two.. Photo Credit: Jennifer Clasen/Amazon Prime Video
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season Two.. Photo Credit: Jennifer Clasen/Amazon Prime Video /

Jack Ryan kicks up the action as the titular character becomes more frantic.

“Orinoco” starts off with Marcus Bishop entering the airbase now that he’s accepted a position on Matice’s team. He gets made fun of a little bit by the team but comes in clutch when he manages to repair their boat after it was damaged during their drop. With everyone in one piece, the team heads off to Venezuela to help Jack Ryan and crew.

Meanwhile, Jack is still furious about everything happening. His assailant from the previous episode hasn’t been caught yet and Greer is still lying about his health condition. To make things worse, the US has smoothed over relations with Venezuela because of the small left militia which has been used as a scapegoat.

Speaking of “the left”, Jack Ryan finally introduces the mysterious Gloria Bonalde or President Reye’s competition. From her short scenes with her family, we’re given a glimpse of why she would be much better for the country than Reyes. Her kids are kind and compassionate, while Gloria makes sure to make everyone in her staff a sandwich for lunch. She wants basic human rights for the people in her country, where many are starving and dying. However, when she learns there’s an actual chance she might win, her face looks a bit crestfallen. She’s walking this dangerous path for change and it’s too soon to start feeling hopeful.

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However, just because Bonalde is trying to keep herself in check, it doesn’t mean the tide isn’t turning. When she arrives at her latest rally, she’s met with an even bigger crowd of adoring people and the momentum is clear. Reyes definitely has a real reason to worry. Especially as it becomes clear control is slipping from his fingertips. He calls out Ubarri about the recording, but the two are at a bit of an impasse, as Ubarri doesn’t agree with the decisions being made.

Meanwhile, Jack and Greer head towards the Orinoco River for surveillance. He also calls out Greer regarding his health, but his mentor shoves the concern aside without elaborating. At least we get a funny scene between the two when Greer claims mosquitoes leave him alone because “he bites back” but it’s later revealed he has bug spray.

The plan is to sneak onto land where the containers are, grab some photos, and leave before anyone realizes they’re there. However, Jack Ryan seems committed to making its lead an emotional mess and he decides to change the plan. When Matice tells him there’s no evidence in the containers and that he made a bad call, Jack refuses to leave. He’s convinced he’s right and winds up almost getting busted. Greer cuts off one of Van Der Byl’s fingers to get him to talk but the group is attacked.

While almost everyone manages to make it away, they abandon Marcus there because they run out of time. Poor Marcus, he’s promised an easy mission where he’s just the driver and now finds himself alone in the middle of nowhere. He proves pretty capable, but it won’t be easy to stay alive.

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Jack doesn’t seem to take responsibility for his actions, saying he did his job by searching the containers. At this point, he’s so laser-focused on busting Reyes that he’s beginning to get sloppy. It feels pretty out of character for him, but we’ll see how the rest of the season goes.

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