The Crown: Olivia Colman’s unexpected Golden Globes win

Olivia Colman unexpectedly won a Golden Globe for Queen Elizabeth II portrayal in Netflix’s The Crown. But did the Academy Award winner deserve the gong?

Much-loved British actress Olivia Colman won a Golden Globe for her performance as the Queen in The Crown on Sunday night. It is the second most talked about the award she has been given, after receiving an Oscar for her role in the movie, The Favourite.

Colman was not expected to beat rivals Nicole Kidman, Jodie Comer, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston to the gong last weekend. However, the 45-year-old triumphed; with The Crown star defeating such shows as The Morning Show, Killing Eve and Big Little Lies.

Some observers thought the Queen’s intentionally dour depiction wasn’t moving enough; opting to nominate other more animated efforts as the preeminent. Yet, those critics seem to have missed the fact that Colman was deft in showing the non-emotion – a feat not easy to correctly underplay with an understated grace.

Although, this Guardian writer believes she was undeserving of her globe, stating:

“Olivia Colman should not have won her Golden Globe…

“Colman sat in a chair. Yes, they were nice chairs. And yes, sometimes they were in different places. And, true, sometimes she did more than sit in a chair. Sometimes she looked out of windows.”

Rise to The Crown

The Norwich-born thespian had a relatively slower rise to same than other masters of their craft with a similar reputation. She began her now dazzling career with displays in well over 50 television programs.

In addition, the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School alumnus has appeared in many films of note, including: Hot Fuzz, Murder on the Orient Express and the Thomas and Friends saga.

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Upcoming projects for Colman include: The Father, in which she plays ‘Anne’; not to mention a forthcoming The Simpsons part.

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