Medical Police season 1, episode 6 recap: The Lasagna as a Whole

Lola and Owen prepare to apprehend the bioterrorists in Shanghai, but first, they need some help and equipment from an old friend of Owen’s on Medical Police.

Lola and Owen make it to Shanghai a day ahead of the meeting, but Lola is starting to feel overwhelmed and lacks confidence in her ability to handle the situation on Medical Police. She would feel a lot better if they had some guns. Owen knows a guy in Shanghai, but he’s not going to be happy to see him.

His guy is his old mentor, former police sergeant Edgar Toobey (Craig Robinson). They had a falling out when Toobey was forced to retire from the force when Owen accidentally shot him in the leg. He’s also Owen’s old shooting instructor. Toobey would help them, but he’s banished all guns from his life and now follows his dream of teaching American newspaper cartooning to underprivileged Chinese youths.

But when Owen begs him for help with puppy dog eyes, Toobey agrees to help. He can’t go with them, but be might have a few old guns lying around still. And by a few he apparently means an arsenal. When he banished guns from his life, be banished them to a whole separate room dedicated to them.

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He gives them a quick gun tutorial, outlining the uses of the no-shooty button, the long part, and the pusher. He also gives them a switchblade comb (good for when you want all your hair to go the same way), two-way communication ear pieces, and handcuffs. Lola and Owen are ready to roll.

Lola and Owen get stuck in a room with one bed, and after an evening of drinking and target practice (great mix!), they spend an awkward night lying motionless and wide awake next to each other.

The next morning they arrive at the exchange point to find that Professor Waters (wearing a huge red foam cowboy hat) is the creator of the virus. Lola can’t help but confront him about his betrayal immediately. He needed the money to continue his research, plus it felt good to be noticed for his work. He had no idea that it would be used for a terror attack.

As Lola and Waters have it out, the buyer arrives behind them. It’s the guy (Collins) who released the virus at the Break a Leg show. When he sees Lola pointing a gun at Waters, he reports back to his boss and asks for instructions. His boss is none other than Director Patten of the CDC! He tells Collins to get the cure from Waters then kill them both.

Owen can see that Lola is in trouble, so he comes out with guns blazing and the two of them retreat with Waters. Lola wants Waters to escape with the cure and get it to someone who can use it, but Owen doesn’t trust Waters and disagrees. Finally, still under heavy gunfire from Collins and his henchmen, there’s no time to argue and they let Waters go.

As Lola and Owen try to escape themselves, they are headed off by Collins. Just as he’s about to shoot them, he is shot and injured by Toobey, who decided to back them up after all. Before they part ways, he tells them always to remember what Garfield the cat said: “I don’t care about the lasagna as a whole. I appreciate the layers.” So deep.

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Lola and Owen hear sirens approaching, but their escape is cut off by McIntyre and a squad of policemen. They’re glad to see her, but not to glad when she tells the police to take them into custody. As Lola and Owen get dragged away, McIntyre hands a wad of cash to a police official. The last we see of Lola and Owen, they’re being marched into a Chinese prison.

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