Raising Dion season 1, episode 4 recap: Welcome to BIONA…

In episode 4 of the Netflix series Raising Dion, Pat and Dion explore the Biona research facility, Nicole gets a job and a father and son face a human storm.

Previously on Raising Dion, Dion Warren (Ja’Siah Young) got in trouble for his superpowers and Charlotte Tuck (Deirdre Lovejoy) provided new answers (and further questions). Episode 4 begins with new characters, Walter Mills (Marc Menchaca) and his son named Brayden (Griffin Robert Faulkner).

We see that Walter isn’t the average dad, as he uses his plant-root superpowers to repair a rosebush. Raising Dion doesn’t forget about Nicole Warren (Alisha Wainwright), however, as she’s still seeking answers about Dion, her deceased husband and the strange “man in the storm.” She also has to deal with 5 job interviews and her sister, Kat (Jazmyn Simon), is wondering about the Lego lodged in their wall.

Although Dion’s worried about becoming homeless, he at least gets an iPad from Kat. Also, Dion continues to get superhero coaching from Pat (Jason Ritter), who theorizes that Dion’s powers come from ions. Specifically, Pat says that rain contributes to people getting sick because ions in air alter the ions in our bodies. He also theorizes that, if Dion can control his emotions he can better control his powers.

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For her part, Nicole pays Malik (Kylen Davis) to find the source of a picture of the man in the storm. Because Nicole is low on cash, she offers Malik some dance lessons. Later, Nicole secures a job selling tickets for a dance studio she used to work for, which means Dion may avoid homelessness (though he may telepathically steal Twix bars in future episodes).


“Raising Dion” then takes us to Pat’s workplace, BIONA, whose slogan is “Creating climate solutions for a better world.” As Dion gets a tour with Pat, we learn more about the research facility ourselves. Biona tracks weather patterns but seems to do much more, given the tight security protocols in the building. In fact, Pat almost gets in trouble by Suzanne (Ali Ahn) for being in her office. However, Suzanne gives Dion a brief tour around the building. Still, after Dion senses something wrong, he decides he and Pat had better do some independent sleuthing. To do so, Dion takes out lab communications and telekinetically acquires Suzanne’s keycard!

They break into the animal research facility but also see that Biona is studying people on various monitor screens. We also see that Dion has even more powers: He presses his hands to some glass and heals an animal’s wounds (at this point, one wonders what powers he doesn’t have). When alarms begin to sound, Pat understandably worries about losing his job. Dion promptly shuts down the facility’s power supply and takes a hermit crab that he happens to like. Unfortunately, Dion has also wiped out the city’s power, not just BIONA’s.

A storm brewing

In her quest for answers, Nicole meets a woman named Wendy (Antonia Gentry) who posted the man in the storm photo. Then, as if piecing together a puzzle, Pat tells Nicole about Biona’s creepy habit of tracking people. On a related note, they ultimately agree that Dion won’t be returning the science lab crab, which lets Pat keep his job. Still, not everything works out swimmingly for all.

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Elsewhere, Brayden and his dad stand outside as a storm approaches. It’s soon clear that it’s no ordinary storm, and that the two are under attack by a strange force. Walter tells his son to run inside their house and he attempts to protect the place with his unusual plant root powers. Still, it seems the odds are stacked against them and that the man in the storm is calling the shots.

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