Ares season 1, episode 5 recap: A sinister plan & new powers

As Jacob comes to realize the implications of his new powers, a sinister plan is put into action. Rosa makes waves as Ares star novice.

Carmen talks to her father Maurits about Rosa’s incident in the bathroom. It’s unusual for a novice member to manifest these signs and wonders if she’s ready for the next steps on Ares.

Back at Ares house, Carmen shows Rosa how to make an offering of her black puke into a ritualistic basin on a pedestal in a restricted room. It’s still unclear what this is all about, but the black puke seems to have something to do with guilt or a person’s soul.

A car comes to take Rosa to her new internship at the De Hoogh Institute. Her very first day she actively assists Hester in performing brain surgery on a Parkinson’s patient. After the surgery, Hester congratulates Rosa on her first offering. She knows it’s a bit weird, but she’ll get used to it.

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Rosa might have lingering feelings of doubt about betraying Fleur for the position, but Hester reassures her that Fleur was lacking the kind of ambition that Rosa possesses.

Meanwhile, Borms is losing it. He’s tormented by visions of the girl he killed and can barely listen to his sister Fleur as she asks him to do something about Rosa taking her internship. Borms is the president now, so surely he should be able to get rid of her. All he says is sorry and wanders out of the room after the ghost of his victim. He’s beginning to get hysterical.

He follows the ghost into an attic room where she makes a noose from the IV tubes she carries with her likes chains. He puts his head in the noose and hangs himself as Jacob watches from the shadows and wonders at the dark powers he now holds.

Back at Ares House, Rosa encounters Jacob and tries to explain that she has opportunities here that she would never have had on the outside, something he wouldn’t understand with the silver spoon in his mouth. Jacob threatens to touch her with his black hand and promises that he’ll change everything at Ares forever. Then he lets her go and walks away and goes back to his digging in the basement.

Rosa confides in Hester about Jacob’s behavior. She asks if Rosa wants him removed. She doesn’t answer, but we have to assume the answer is yes. Hester makes a phone call Maurits and leaves an unfortunately vague voicemail about Joost’s suicide and a weak link in Ares. Then Jacob comes up behind her and puts his black hand over her face.

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At the Institute, Rosa is forced to work with Fleur on an exercise involving a cadaver and Fleur is super confrontational about it. Rosa makes the first incision but the body hasn’t been drained of blood like it’s supposed to have been. She struggles to hold back the flow of blood as the body’s hand grabs her hand that’s holding the scalpel and begins stabbing itself with it. As the sheet falls away from the body, it is revealed that Hester is the living body.

The live feed from the lab is turned on and streamed right into a darkened lecture hall containing only Jacob. He watches with sinister satisfaction as Hester brutally kills herself and Rosa freaks the heck out.

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