Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 3, episode 2 recap: Chapter Twenty-Two: Drag Me to Hell

Will Nick make it out of the Dark Lord’s body on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina focuses on Sabrina’s quest to figure out a game plan for Nick. I feel for Nick who is succumbing to the torture of being stuck with the Devil. We’ve seen our fair share of weird stuff on this show, but seeing the forked tongue and the weird hooves on his feet definitely make the list.

There is one thing in particular that Sabrina is interested in learning about–soul transference. She’s hoping to figure out how to get the Dark Lord out of Nick, even though it means that he’ll take residence within another body. Just as long as it’s not Nick, right?

Sabrina has another element to struggle with which is literally dragging souls to Hell. The first guy doesn’t meet the standards the demons of Hell have, so she has to find another. But there’s just one problem–Jimmy Platt is the guy she’s looking for, the ice cream man.

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Want to know the horrible part of this Chilling Adventures of Sabrina episode? Sabrina finds out that the “innocent” ice cream man has been making deals with Hell. He extends his time on Earth by sacrificing children. So, so weird.

Now, taking it to Scotland, Ambrose and Prudence find Blackwood–but he’s looking a lot like Tom Hanks’ Castaway character.

But before she can do anything, she comes across two young kids asking her not to murder their father. Well, well, well, it’s Leticia and Judas.

Remember the child the ice cream man is holding hostage so he doesn’t have to go to Hell? Well, Sabrina figures out a way to teleport to the young girl’s location–inside a freezer.

It’s not exactly the best idea because not only is she stuck inside an ice cube, but she has no powers there. But it’s Lilith to the rescue!

Alls well that ends well (I guess), as Sabrina succeeds in sending Jimmy off to Hell, all while eating some ice cream. Oh, that’s classic Sabrina, isn’t it?

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As for the host of Lucifer? Thanks to Ambrose and Prudence, they hand over Blackwood as Nick’s substitute.

I have a feeling this is going to spell a lot of trouble for Nick as Chilling Adventures of Sabrina continues on. Dare I say, the days of Nick and Sabrina…are over? Tune in.

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