Bojack Horseman season 6, episode 10 recap: Good Damage

Bojack Horseman takes a moment to catch up with Diane–and it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

Bojack Horseman did something special with this episode–focusing on Diane. It’s rare that we get this much time with her character, but I think it was necessary for the context of the season. When the episode begins, Diane is in Chicago, living with her boyfriend Guy. Things have been a struggle ever since she started writing her memoir, and it’s not going so hot.

This is the first time we truly understand the state of Diane’s mind, and just how much she’s been struggling. She’s spent most of her time taking care of everyone else and this shift in narrative is a welcome change.

One thing Bojack Horseman excels at is allowing us to understand what the characters are going through. It’s almost as if we’re in their head, and they accomplish this via the character monologues, and in Diane’s case, the cartoon sketches. These sketches tell the story of what’s going on in her mind, and it really puts us right there with her.

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Through these drawings, we come to learn that Diane had a difficult upbringing with a father that didn’t pay attention to her, bullies that pushed her around, and of course, the adult relationships that have brought her a lot of grief. Mr. Peanutbutter and Bojack have not exactly made things easy on her, have they?

While trying to write her memoir, Diane is also on antidepressants. She’s concerned that while it’s helping her mentally, she feels very foggy. In this dazed fog, she ends up writing a children’s book, which she finishes. And without consulting her, Guy sends a copy to Princess Carolyn.

She’s so impressed that she asks Diane to focus on that instead of her memoir.

But there’s something inside of Diane that wants to complete this memoir. There’s something to be said about how powerful this is for her because she’s able to channel her trauma into this memoir.

It’s shedding light on her character and her struggles, and while Princess Carolyn feels differently, it’s just not something Diane can shake off.

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Bravo, Bojack Horseman. You have made Diane’s journey with depression something a lot of us can relate to. From her struggle with the medications to the effects of it (physical and otherwise), it highlights a lot of truth. And I absolutely appreciate that.

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