The Stranger season 1, episode 3 recap

Adam gets closer to finding the Stranger and begins to understand why Corrine faked her pregnancy. Joanna makes a horrifying discovery.

The Stranger strikes again at a woman’s bachelorette party, revealing that her fiancé actually leaked the sex video of her and her ex to break them up so he could be with her instead. But the woman knew that already. The Stranger didn’t reveal a secret, she created one.

Back at home, Adam deals with an allegation of embezzlement against Corrine. She is accused of having stolen money from the football club’s accounts. But they don’t have enough proof to arrest her anyway, so Adam sends her accusers packing.

Adam confides in Tripp about his fight with Corrine and her uncharacteristic disappearance. Adam has a lot of questions, but he knows Corrine would never steal that money. So who did and is it related to anything? Meanwhile, he tries to hide the trouble from his boys, but they’re not buying it. Corrine isn’t answering their texts either, which is troubling.

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Adam follows Suzanne Hope to a first time parents club at a cafe and confronts her about Corrine. Suzanne is obviously still pretending to be pregnant. She explains that people seemed to really see her for the first time in her life when she started faking her pregnancy, that she felt loved and special. Her husband got upset hearing Corrine’s name because he’s abusive and Corrine tried to persuade Suzanne to leave him. Adam rather agrees.

But it turns out that Suzanne was blackmailed once too and by the same Stranger. She explains how weird this woman was and how she behaved as if she were personally offended by Suzanne’s deception.

Adam confides in Killane about the whole situation and he agrees to help him. Adam gets the Stranger’s license plate number from the weird guy who watches the parking lot and Killane is able to track down her friend who rented it. The blonde woman who works with the Stranger is named Ingrid Prisby. The SATNAV says she’s at an address nearby.

When Adam goes to investigate, who he finds is the woman from the bachelorette party instead. They share their weird blackmail stories, but in her case, no money was demanded. It’s just part of this Stranger’s personal crusade. The Stranger claimed that her mother married the wrong man and it ruined her life.

Adam begins to realize that Corrine loved him so much that she would risk everything to keep him. She faked the pregnancy because she felt him slipping away. Adam discovers Corrine’s last call was to Tripp.

Mike is questioned about the connections between the rave, the alpaca, and Dante’s injuries. He admits to having been at the rave and that he doesn’t like Dante, but that’s about it. Mike is hiding something, but it turns out that Dante has some stalkerish videos of Corrine on his computer, so he’s got some secrets too.

Daisy reveals to Tom that she believes Mike posted the explicit photos of her little sister online, so she dosed him with PCP at the rave in revenge. But she didn’t think he’d kill an alpaca or that Dante would get hurt.

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Joanna begins to get concerned about Heidi when she doesn’t return her calls. Katz (Paul Kaye), the policeman who killed her, soon finds out that she and Joanna were good friends, which is a connection he doesn’t need. Joanna finally goes to Heidi’s cafe to check on her and discovers her body.

Meanwhile, the Stranger stalks Adam’s father. What she intends to confront him with and what he has to do with all this is anyone’s guess.

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