Outlander season 5 premiere recap: The Fiery Cross

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Outlander fans rejoice, the Droughtlander is officially over!

Outlander is officially back with its fifth season–and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s time to get back into the lives of the Frasers, folks! And the whole season kicks off with a big, fun wedding–Brianna and Roger’s!

After everything they’ve been through, it’s about time for the family to have something to be joyous about. The wedding goes exactly as expected, and I must say that it was truly beautiful. I’ve had my doubts about Roger and Brianna, but I’m really hoping they will make it. Much like Jamie in this episode, I’ve been on the skeptical side when it comes to Jamie.

He had to think long and hard about whether or not he wanted to be with her, so excuse us for being a bit on the wary side. But whatever it is, they’re married, and I think Roger more than proved himself during the Outlander season 5 premiere.

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The night of the wedding gave us the typical, very passionate moments we’re used to from the series, but it spanned across three couples–Brianna/Roger, Jamie/Claire, and Murtagh/Jocasta.

Speaking of Murtagh, he’s in hiding since the Redcoats are looking up and down the North Carolina coast for him. Jamie and company have hidden him in a cabin nearby.

Since we are talking about Outlander here, any true fan knows that things aren’t going to be happy forever. And that is precisely the dark turn the season 5 premiere takes when Lord John Grey reveals to Jaime that Stephen Bonnet might still be alive.

Unfortunately, Brianna overhears this and is immediately sent into a panic. It’s a very real, jarring moment for Brianna, and Sophie Skelton does an incredible job portraying the stress and fear. Outlander has a way of shaking us to our cores, and the season 5 premiere is a prime example of precisely this.


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My favorite moment of the premiere is the day after the wedding when Jocasta asks to speak to Roger. She has decided to leave everything of hers to baby Jeremiah. She’s hoping this will make Roger want to stick around because of the “prospects”. Burn, Jocasta, burn!

Roger has no problem rejecting Jocasta’s offer out of his own pride and love for Brianna and Jeremiah. Thank goodness for that! And plus, it was Jocasta’s way of testing his loyalty–and he passed!

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The episode ends with Jamie gathering the troops for the impending war. Things are about to get serious and he needs all the men he can get. This brings a riveting moment as men step forward to pledge their oaths in helping Jamie, which includes Roger. I’m not sure how he’ll fare out on the battlefield, a bit worried about that.

And as far as Murtagh goes, Jamie asks him to be hard to find. He has to go as the tensions are rising, and if he doesn’t leave now, he’ll likely be killed. The last thing Jamie (or us) would want is him having to pull the trigger on Murtagh. Please don’t ever let that be the case. EVER.

What did you think of the Outlander season 5 premiere? Share your thoughts below!