Better Call Saul season 5, episode 3 recap: The Guy For This

A Breaking Bad fan-favorite graces us with his presence on this week’s Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul is exciting to watch for many reasons. But one of the major reasons fans are so invested in it is due to the fact that it predates the events of Breaking Bad. We’re always looking for a connection to the original series whether it’s through dialogue, places, or people. And whenever something does connect back to it, it’s super exciting.

This week, Better Call Saul fans had a special treat in store for them in the form of Hank Schrader. Yes, I am talking about Walter White’s brother-in-law a.k.a the DEA agent that was always a hop, skip, and jump away from figuring out Walter’s secret life.

We get a glimpse at how Hank fit into Saul’s life long before Walter White crossed paths with him. Isn’t it crazy how things connect like this? I mean, yes, sure, this is a television series and they made this connection on purpose, but I still say, what genius writing!

We last left Saul being confronted and kidnapped? by Nacho, and then led straight to Lalo Salamanca, whom he meets for the very first time. It’s the start of a very tumultuous relationship, one that only gets complicated with time.

There is an interesting reveal in Saul’s encounter with Salamanca and company. He’s been on the road to becoming sleazier over time, but I think it was this very meeting that ultimately led him down the Breaking Bad path.

He was asked to talk to Krazy 8 on their behalf and hoping that an increased rate will be his ticket out, he ends up getting a wad of cash handed to him. I mean, he’s not exactly going to say no to that.

During this episode, we see dear ‘ol Mike struggling a whole lot and on the verge of a breakdown. After the death of Ziegler, he’s feeling a lot of guilt and remorse. I think Ziegler reminds him of his own life and the path it has taken, particularly with his dead son. With how lost (and drunk) Mike is at some point, he deliberately walks in a shady neighborhood, hoping to get beat up. Of course, this is for the sole purpose of him taking out his anger on someone, and that is exactly what he does.

We catch up with Hank (and his partner, Steve!) at the precinct where they’re having a sit-down with Krazy 8, who obviously knows about the drugs and all the money involved. Before he reveals too much to Hank and Steve, Saul comes rushing into the room and proclaims himself Krazy 8’s lawyer as expected.

It’s the first time Hank and Saul meet, and Hank wastes no time in making fun of the name “Saul Goodman”. By the end of the meeting, a deal has been made, but it’s not necessarily going to bode well for our sleazy lawyer as the days go on.

Kim finds herself in Saul’s shoes by the end of this Better Call Saul episode because her day happens to take a turn for the worst. She’s left dealing with Mesa Verde work instead of the work she was hoping to do. It’s a dark reminder that somewhere inside of her lives the propensity to be like him.

And that is the note Better Call Saul ends on as the couple bonds over throwing beer bottles from their balcony together. Their relationship is far from perfect, they’re far from perfect, but somehow, it’s working out. Time will tell how long it will hold.

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