Devs season 1, episode 2 recap: Episode 2

Lily discovers that Sergei was secretly working as an industrial spy for the Russian state and that his death was more than just an elaborate suicide. Devs makes a breakthrough.

Forest has a heart to heart with Lily, confiding in her that the moment he lost his daughter Amaya he split into two states: one in which her death was an impossible, absurd thing and another in which it was all too true. He still holds both beliefs. He offers Lily anything she needs, day or night, plus financial and job security for as long as she needs it on Devs.

With nowhere else to turn, Lily tries again to get Jamie’s help hacking into Sergei’s phone. This time she has an impossible thing to tell him, that Sergei burned himself to death. You would think there would be less suspicious and implausible ways to stage Sergei’s suicide, but okay. Jamie agrees to hack the phone.

The Sudoku app is really a Russian state messaging app. Sergei must have been some kind of Russian spy, sent to infiltrate Amaya. The messages in the app are mostly requests for meet-ups and check-ins. Lily uses the app to request a meet and whoever is on the other end knows immediately that it’s not Sergei. “Is this Lily?” they ask. She decides to be honest with them and they send her an address for a meet-up and then delete the app and data remotely.

Lily meets with Sergei’s handler, a Russian guy named Anton (Brian d’Arcy James). Sergei’s job was to infiltrate Devs and bring back the code. If Lily wants answers to Sergei’s death, then she needs to work with Anton. He says if she wants to contact him again, move the chair away from her window and he’ll get in touch.

Jamie has a suspicion that Lily may try to use the messaging app and tries to convince her that would be a bad idea. A little late for that, but Lily tells him she agrees that it would be a bad idea. She doesn’t tell him that she’s already done it. Once he leaves, knowing that her home is under Russian surveillance, she leaves a sign in her window that simply says, “F**k you.”

Kenton, who had a suspicion that Lily wasn’t convinced of Sergei’s extravagant suicide, follows her to her meeting with Anton. He approaches Anton in a parking garage, as one professional to another, to ask him to leave Lily alone. Of course, Kenton doesn’t really care about Lily, he’s just using her as leverage “so your strange private tech company can continue its strange private project totally unobserved.” That’s obviously not going to happen. Anton stabs Kenton and they have a desperate struggle. Although Kenton is wounded, he wins the fight and breaks Anton’s neck.

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Back at Devs, the research team is able to project the code back 2000 years into the past and get a fuzzy representation of the Crucifixion. So this code can somehow generate accurate visual proof of events in the past, but what else is it? But it’s still just fuzzy and unreliable, so there’s still work to do. Even so, Forest takes a moment to himself and projects the code back to watch his daughter.

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