Hunters season 1, episode 7 recap: Shalom Motherf***er

Jonah discovers a secret about Offerman while the Hunters scramble to stop a deadly Nazi attack. Morris receives evidence tying the Hunters to the Nazi murders.

Travis anonymously leaves Morris classified files and surveillance on Richter he found at Offerman’s and leaves her a note pointing her toward him. She shows her boss who says she’ll need to stretch the truth to get a warrant to search Offerman’s house, but if she doesn’t mind an uneasy conscience, she can get one on Hunters.

Jonah remembers a bedtime story that Ruth used to tell him, recreated in beautiful animation, of a princess and her sister who were captured by a wolf king. One by one the wolf king’s army took away the other prisoners, even the sister, while the wolf tried to win the princess’s heart with gifts. She refused them all and grew sad and lonely. Then one day, a green knight and his fairy helpers chased the wolf king away. He nursed the princess back to health and took her away to safe land. The couple were Ruth and Jonah’s grandfather.

Jonah thinks a chaia necklace given to Ruth by his grandfather and the fact that Offerman gave his own chaia to the woman he loved implies that Offerman is his grandfather. Joe and Lonny are not convinced this proves anything. Jonah sits in the car while Joe and Lonny infiltrate the hospital at Edgewood to dig up files on the Ghost. They track down his address and sneak into his house, discovering that the Ghost is in some kind of coma with a mysterious disease. He might be the victim of his own experiment.

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Jonah finds a music box with the same melody found on the Nazi broadcasts, so it could be important. Joe and Lonny steal a couple vials of blood samples and prescription drugs. While the Hunters convene at Offerman’s, Jonah cracks the rest of the broadcast code using the music box as a cipher. It reveals two sets of coordinates, likely the locations for whatever attack is planned for that evening.

Harriet sends the Ghost’s blood samples to a friend at Columbia for analysis, but chances are they’re dealing with some kind of biological weapon. If they’re going to stop what looks like a biological attack, they need everyone – including Roxy, Mindy, and Murray. Jonah corners Offerman in the elevator and asks him if he’s his grandfather, which he confirms. He says Ruth lied to him to protect him, but he doesn’t get a chance to say from what. Morris arrives then with a warrant to search his house.

She doesn’t find anything, but she arrests him on suspicion for the murder of Heinz Richter. At least now she’ll get the chance to ask him some real questions. But when Offerman starts talking about Nazi conspiracies and an attack on the city planned for that night, she doesn’t believe him.

Murray and Mindy contemplate the best way to kill Moritz Ehrlich, but before they can do anything about it Jonah comes to them for help after Offerman’s arrest. They have to stop the attack, so the Hunters split up and recon the two targets. Jonah, Lonny, and Murray stake out Grand Central Station while Joe, Harriet, and Mindy check out a utility plant in Buchanan.

Jonah sees Travis enter Grand Central Station and head for the subway. He’s got a red backpack like Jonah saw at the Ghost’s house. He leaves the backpack on one of the trains and leaves. Lonny tails Travis while Murray and Jonah try to disarm the bomb they find inside the backpack. Jonah is able to clear the train car of people, but Murray isn’t able to stop the bomb. There’s nothing Jonah can do but watch as Murray gets blown up, but there’s really no reason he couldn’t have moved away from the bomb once he realized he couldn’t difuse it.

The bomb in Buchanan goes off as Joe, Harriet, and Mindy watch. This causes a power outage across the city. When the lights go out in the subway station, Travis uses the opportunity to stab Lonny. I guess he wasn’t very stealthy. When the lights go out in the police station, Morris starts to believe Offerman might have been right about an attack, but it’s too late now. The Nazis use the distraction of the blackout to take their South American cargo off the ship without the hassle of inspection through customs.

Meanwhile, things are getting uncomfortable for Biff Simpson. He’s able to push the trade bill through, but the Secretary of Commerce knows something is up. She calls her contact at the Washington Post to shake down Biff. He’s a shareholder at a company called Shidler Corp and had the most to gain from lifting trade sanctions. If the reporter can prove a quid pro quo took place, Biff would be out on his ass.

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Biff threatens the reporter, so she calls Shidler Corp herself for a comment. Katarina Löw (Megan Channell) seems to be the director of operations at Shidler and has been overseeing the creation of the pathogen and other aspects of the Nazi plan. All she has to say about Biff is that he’s a patriot and that they are proud to call him a friend. But Biff has outlived his usefulness and is now just a liability. Katarina makes a call, saying they’ve got a problem. “No, let me rephrase. Simpson’s got one.” Looks like Simpson is in trouble.

The Nazis make an attempt on his life, but Biff is a squirrelly guy and manages to kill the assassin and get away.

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