Outlander season 5, episode 4 recap: The Company We Keep

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Roger has to deal with a situation on his own in Jamie’s absence while Bree gets paranoid about Stephen Bonnet on this week’s Outlander.

Outlander is really making us nervous the longer it goes by without showing Stephen Bonnet. At this point, I’d rather he just show up and put us out of our misery than just remain a figure in the dark somewhere nearby.

I think what makes it worse is seeing how disturbed Brianna is over the whole ordeal. She heard her father talking about Bonnet being alive, but since then, there has been a whole lot of nothing. This is only making matters worse for her. The poor thing is looking over her shoulder every moment of her day and is even more paranoid after one of the townspeople says a strange man was snooping around and asking questions. Oh, and he left Jemmy a coin.

Later that night, Brianna has a nervous breakdown when she thinks Bonnet showed up and kidnapped Jemmy. It all ended up being a misunderstanding, but Brianna is pushing herself closer to the edge. I still don’t understand who thought it was a good idea to leave her behind, especially once Jamie told Claire. Is it really the best idea?

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Meanwhile, things with the militia are going a little “reality tv” crazy as one of the men of the militia gets a girl pregnant. Her dad isn’t very happy to learn about what has happened, especially since he wanted to get his daughter married.

But it’s a bit more complicated than that because the militiaman, Isaac, is married, and because of marital troubles, he turned to this woman and fell in love.

Roger doesn’t do a whole lot with the situation and when Jamie returns from the trip to the horrific Beardsley cabin, he’s pretty pissed at Roger. To alleviate the situation, he frees Isaac and lets him escape, only for Isaac to return. Once he finds out he is going to be a father, he doesn’t want to leave the young woman behind.

Team Fraser and Mackenzie come together to help the lovebirds make a narrow escape, and use horses and goats to create a distraction while they make a run for it. I love that in the middle of all the horrible stuff, Outlander finds a way to keep the romance alive. Gotta love it!

And speaking of romance, I love that Jamie told Claire to keep Fanny’s baby. It’s a testament to how much he cares for her and how he just wants her to be happy. However, she’s not too eager to keep the baby, as much as she may want to. Claire wants to enjoy her time with Jamie, plus another family has graciously requested to take in the baby.

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I’m not sure what’s coming up ahead in Outlander, but I sure hope that this Bonnet situation is handled STAT. I don’t like the idea of him out there and am so concerned for Brianna and Jemmy. Luckily, Roger is going to take Claire back to Fraser’s Ridge to get some penicillin so she can perform a tonsillectomy on Kezzie Beardsley.

I just hope that Roger decides to stay behind while Claire goes back to Jamie. Someone needs to be with Brianna and the baby, and who is better than Papa Bear himself?

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