Sacred Games season 2, episode 7 recap: Torino

In episode 207 of Netflix series Sacred Games, Gaitonde kills another of his fathers, Sartaj returns a holy book and the police narrow in on the apocalypse.

Previously on Sacred Games, Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) had a change of heart regarding the apocalyptic plans of Guruji (Pankaj Tripathi). Also, Inspector Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan) seemed to have his spirit broken. Episode 7 begins with a meeting between Gaitonde and Guruji, with Guruji once again playing mentor.

He tells Gaitonde that time is shaped like an eight, then gives him drugs to ease his trepidations. He has Gaitonde repeat his words, which includes crazy statements like “I love everyone and have no love for anyone,” “I can stay alive by eating the dead,” and that he has murdered his family members again and again.

Gaitonde gets worked up by the talk of Kali Yuga, apparently coming to agree that he is indeed the son of demons and the father of sin; “I am obscenity, I am Brahma.” Excited, Gaitonde kills Guruji with his purported holy book, the”Kkaal Granth” (or Book of Time), then takes the book with him as he flees the scene.

Meanwhile, in the present, the government urges evacuating the city of Mumbai. Under suspicion himself, Parulkar (Neeraj Kabi) is still tasked with finding out about trucks linked to terrorists. When Home Minister Bhosale (Girish Kulkarni) is informed that he’s been working for terror suspect Shahid Khan (Ranvir Shorey), Bhosale kicks Parulkar out, and they threaten each other.

Elsewhere, Sartaj (Saif Ali Khan) informs his ex-wife, Megha Singh (Anupriya Goenka), he explains that the recent tsunami alert is fake and that it’s actually about a possible nuclear explosion.

He urges her to leave. Looking for answers himself, he watches Gaitonde’s bad movie, which mentions the name Trivedi (Chittaranjan Tripathy). Sartaj recalls Gaitonde mentioning Trivedi as being the sole survivor, right before Gaitonde shot himself dead.

Who is Trivedi?

Sacred Games reveals more about the mysterious Trivedi. We see that he actually called Gaitonde, and we learn that he is actually Gaitonde’s biological father. Gaitonde reveals that he hears Guriji’s mind after killing him, and also says he wants to meet Trivedi.

The mystery extends well into the future. Sartaj meets miss Yadav (Amruta Subhash) about Trivedi being Gaitonde’s father. Soon he actually meets Trivedi and gets Guruji’s holy book.

As the episode draws to a close, ATS Analyst Rama (Smita Tambe) overhears Shahid Khan, who the police are trying to narrow in on. Blazing an independent course, Sartaj brings the stolen holy book to Batya (Kalki Koechlin) in Guruji’s armed compound. Sartaj is offered a choice to stay or leave and he appears to stay.

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