Outlander season 5, episode 6 recap: Better to Marry Than Burn

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

A wedding, locusts, and an unwanted suitor make up this week’s episode of Outlander.

Outlander dealt with two very different storylines this week, and neither remotely matched the other. Let’s first head to Fraser’s Ridge, where there was a very major locust problem. With Jamie gone, Roger has been placed in charge of the community. It’s probably not the smartest idea, but it’s really the only option. I would have voted for Brianna, but that’s just me.

Anyway, this sudden influx of locusts could result in a significant crop issue for Fraser’s Ridge. If too many of them descend upon their plot of crops, it could mean everyone goes hungry without any food. As much as I didn’t expect this, Roger comes to the rescue here! As a young boy, his father told him that smoke clears out locusts.

He takes this idea and uses it to make sure the frightening swarm of locusts doesn’t land on the crops. With a mixture of poop and goose fat, Roger was able to get everyone to create hays of fire around the cropland. And guess what? IT WORKED! Bravo, Outlander, for giving us something about Roger that we can appreciate.

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Sorry, guys, I’m just not a big fan.

But I am grateful for him saving Fraser’s Ridge. And I’m sure Jamie will be ecstatic to hear how Roger pulled this off.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Claire, along with some of the other important Redcoats were in River Run for Jocasta’s wedding. I wish I could say it was to Murtagh, but we all know that would not be the case, not with some of the guests that were there anyway.

As guests began arriving, one man that we met during season 4, by the name of Phillip Wylie, showed up. He instantly honed in on Claire, someone he was eyeing before this as well. He’s all sorts of creepy and presumptuous with her and even attempts to grope her at some point.

The only reason Claire was giving him any attention at all was because of his connection with Stephen Bonnet. It may be their only way to get to the man who hurt their daughter, and Claire is willing to do anything. Before Wylie could do anything horrible to Claire, Jamie showed up like the hero he is.

Unfortunately, the hero in him was short-lived, at least for Claire, when he asked Claire to give up her wedding bands. Apparently, Wylie realized that these bands were special to Claire, and in exchange for information on Bonnet, Wylie wanted those rings.

It resulted in a huge fight between our beloved Outlander couple, one that we never like to see or witness. Jamie and Claire should never fight! Luckily, this fight was short-lived as well, and it ended in, well, you know, Jamie and Claire sexy time.

And they did end up getting the information they wanted, but honestly, I’m not ready to see Bonnet anytime soon.

Unfortunately, I spoke too soon on this because before the episode came to a close, we do see him. And he learns that Jemmy is now the proud owner of River Run (thanks to Jocasta’s will). Bonnet might think Jemmy is his son, but I refuse to acknowledge it.

Speaking of Jocasta, she’s all sorts of frazzled the night before her wedding. To calm her nerves, what better than a surprise Murtagh visit? I was happy to see Murtagh, but I was heartbroken to see how the night ended.

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Murtagh waited too long to profess his love and dedication for Jocasta, and now, she has rejected him. Her biggest reason, however, is because she’s been with a man like Murtagh in the past. A man too involved in politics and war, and back then, it cost her a child. She won’t live that life anymore, and that is why she can’t wait for Murtagh.

Sigh, Outlander always knows how to toy with our emotions, doesn’t it?

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