The Walking Dead Season 10 finale has officially been delayed

The season finale of The Walking Dead’s tenth season has officially been delayed amid the current pandemic. It is not clear when the episode will air.

Unfortunately for fans of The Walking Dead, they will have to wait a while longer to see how season ten ends. AMC has announced that the finale episode will be delayed, reports TVLine.

Based on a statement from an AMC rep, it sounds like the season finale has already been filmed but they’ve been unable to finish post-production due to social distancing measures over the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, the tenth season will wrap up with its fifteenth episode on April 5 and the finale will then air later in the year as a special episode.

At this time, it is not clear how the delay might impact the show’s eleventh season. AMC already renewed it for another season with Lauren Cohan set to return as Maggie.

The current season of The Walking Dead has been a momentous one of the long-running series. It marked the exit of fan-favorite character, Michonne, and many fans and critics agree that the tenth season has been a return to form for the zombie apocalypse TV show.

The Walking Dead joins a number of shows to be delayed or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Supernatural‘s final episodes are also postponed, which is a shame for fans since the series is on its last season.

The latest Walking Dead spin-off, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, has also been postponed and will now likely air sometime in the fall.

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