Freud Season 1, Episode 6 recap: The great escape

Freud continues his quest for answers about Szpilman and the Szápárys finally get the coveted invitation to the Peoples’ Ball while Fleur suffers.

Episode six of Freud, titled “Regression,” is all about Freud’s downward spiral as he becomes increasingly obsessed with his deceased neighbor Szpilman and keeping Fleur safe. Elsewhere, Kiss finally starts to get ahead of all the men who want him dead and Fleur finds herself trapped inside the psych hospital.

An invitation to the Peoples’ Ball

Well, Viktor and Sophia finally get what they want. During a meeting with the Crown Prince, Viktor discovers that Fleur successfully worked her magic on Rudolph — although I don’t think he’s aware of the full details.

Rudolph extends an official invitation to the Peoples’ Ball to the Count and Countess. However, during their meeting, Viktor pours a bunch of stuff into Rudolph’s cup and it comes pouring out of his mouth like brown ooze. I don’t know if it was sugar or magic dust, or what, but clearly Rudolph is under some kind of influence.

As for the weird ritual we saw in the last episode, Viktor and Sophia wake up covered in blood but they don’t appear bothered by anything that happened. They’re hardly even worried about what happened to Fleur. All they care about is ensuring all their ducks are in a row to get in good with the empire. Sophia happily throws Freud under the bus when she sees him at the hospital with Fleur.

Viktor seems a little worried about how much Freud knows but Sophia assures him that no one will believe Freud and she seems to be right.

We also get a quick flashback of a much younger Sophia with bright red hair finding Fleur for the first time. She came across the village where Fleur’s family was murdered and was going to be attacked by a man with an ax before Fleur stopped him. After witnessing Fleur’s power, Sophia immediately became intrigued.

Kiss calls a witness

We finally learned the name of Georg’s lover! It is Lieutenant Reidl. Reidl gets into a fight with Heinz, one of the men he had paid to kill Kiss. Since he failed and has Kiss on his trail, Reidl can’t risk the trouble he’ll bring and the two of them fight to the death in a dingy tavern storeroom.

Reidl manages to kill Heinz, but not before the other man grabs a fistful of Reidl’s hair and partially scalps him. Reidl stupidly leaves his clump of hair on the floor. When Poschacher and Kiss arrive, they find it and use it to get leverage on their chief inspector. All they need is for him to let them summon  Reidl as a witness.

If they can lift his helmet and prove he’s missing a giant chunk of his head, then they can prove he was the one who murdered Heinz. That would get Reidl off the streets and off Kiss’s back without causing Georg’s father to reign down on him.

It works, too. Kiss manages to thoroughly rattle General von Lichtenburg. He pays him a visit to deliver the summons to Reidl and he even uses a little of Freud’s own wisdom to imply that the General knows, subconsciously, that his son murdered Steffi.

The great escape

After Fleur jettisoned away from the Szápárys palace last week, she somehow wound up getting captured by a police officer. According to Meynert, she attacked someone, which checks out. When Freud sees her this week, he finds her in a rather frightening condition trapped inside a medieval-looking torture mechanism called “thermal therapy.”

He desperately tries to get Meynert to understand the circumstances that led Fleur to her current damaged psychosis. He also tries to warn him about the Szápárys but all it does is make Freud look increasingly deranged.

Meynert fires him and threatens to sedate him and treat him like a patient, or he can leave the hospital and never return. Freud agrees to leave, but soon after, he concocts a plan with Lenore and Arthur to break Fleur out of her cell.

Together, the threesome orchestrates the great escape (Lenore is hilarious and an underrated character) while Freud slips back down into the dank dungeons. He uses Mucha as a distraction, which results in him getting shot — likely to death.

Freud manages to get Fleur out of there, but the last shot we see of the episode is the Szápárys henchman, Izom, watching Arthur, Lenore, and Freud transport Fleur elsewhere. I’m guessing it is only a matter of time before Viktor and Sophia learn she has escaped and considering they were all too willing to surrender her to Meynert and let her die, they won’t be happy about it.

Season 1 of Freud is currently available to stream on Netflix.