9-1-1 season 3, episode 15 recap: Eddie Begins

This week’s episode of 9-1-1 helps us understand the enigma that is Eddie Diaz.

9-1-1 was emotionally heavier than usual this week as this week’s episode focused primarily on Eddie and his past. We know every time there is a character-centric episode because it’s always titled, “[insert name] Begins”. And yup, you guessed it, “Eddie Begins” was the name of the game this week.

I’ve always wanted to know more about Eddie and I’m glad 9-1-1 finally gave us that. We know bits and pieces about his history with being enlisted, being married, and taking care of Christopher. However, there have always been gaps in the story, and now we know exactly what’s going on!

Eddie’s story begins when Christopher is born when things seemed pretty wonderful between him and Shannon. But of course, things took a very sad turn when he decided to enlist again without talking to Shannon some years later. You can sense the rift that had formed between them, and the Eddie we see then is not the same Eddie we’ve come to know in the present.

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It almost seemed as if he wanted to run in the other direction, away from Christopher and his commitments. However, he felt that he was doing this for his family, but it certainly caused a lot of issues between the couple.

And then, as every 9-1-1 origin story goes, we learn how Eddie ended up where he is now. Fast forward a little bit more, and we see the moment Shannon leaves Eddie and Christoper behind. As I’ve already mentioned, it took Eddie a while to be the father we see him as to Christoper today. Shannon leaving changed his and Christopher’s life forever, and from that point on, Eddie always clung onto Christoper.

When Christopher was born, Eddie got a St. Christoper tag, which he always kept with him. It was a reminder to fight to get back home, and it’s what always brought him back. And it’s exactly what helps him in the present while he’s trying to save a little boy that has fallen down a well.

This brings us to this week’s 9-1-1 horrifying story of the week–a missing boy is found stuck in a pipe within a well about 40-50 feet underground. Thanks to Eddie they find the boy, but it requires a whole lot of machinery to actually get the kid out.

Not to mention, Los Angeles has a horrible storm headed their way, so a huge rig in the sky isn’t exactly an ideal circumstance. But worry not, Eddie to the rescue!

Eddie propels down into the ground to help get the young boy out, but just as soon as he reaches him, time runs out and the Captain asks to have him pulled back in. But Eddie refuses to leave the kid behind and cuts the cord and falls back into the hole. Was it the brightest idea? Probably not. But he manages to save the kid anyway because Chimney comes down to help get them out.

The kid is safely taken out and rescued, but lightning strikes and suddenly everything collapses around them, and Eddie gets stuck down 50 feet under the ground. Ugh, the horror that I felt when that happens.

As Eddie begins to take his final breaths, he’s reminded of his reason to fight–Christopher. He recalls that there might be a way out of the conundrum he’s stuck in and actually gets out through the channels down there.

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And it’s a good thing he does because he has promised to show up at Christopher’s show-and-tell on Friday. Just when you think Eddie couldn’t get sweeter–he does.

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